Results 2017 international tourism.

According to the WTO (The World Tourism Organization), international tourist arrivals jumped 7% for a total of 1,322 billion. This momentum is expected to continue in 2018, at a rate of 4% to 5%.
These results are attributable to the global economic growth and strong demand for outbound tourism in many traditional and emerging markets. It is particularly noted the rebound in tourism expenditures of the Brazil and the Russia after a few years of decline.
"International travel continue to grow strongly.", confirming the role key driver of tourism in economic development. As a third exporting sector in the world, Tourism is essential in terms of creating jobs and prosperity for communities around the world,"said the Secretary general of the UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, before adding : "With this sustained growth.", We must work more closely together to ensure that growth benefits all the members of all communities without losing sight the objectives of sustainable development..

Results 2017 international tourism
Results 2017 Tourism international by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

Growth is expected to continue in 2018
The current strong momentum is expected to continue in 2018 given the current trends, Economic Outlook and forecasts of the Group of experts of the UNWTO, This organization believes that worldwide international tourist arrivals will increase by 4 to 5% en 2018.

Results 2017 by region of the UNWTO

Europe : international tourist arrivals reached 671 million in 2017, a remarkable progression 8% After a year 2016 relatively duller.

Asia-Pacific : 324 million international tourists (+6%) en 2017. These arrivals are up to 10% in South Asia, from 8% in Southeast Asia and 7% in Oceania. They increased by 3% in Northeast Asia.

Americas : 207 million international tourist arrivals (+3%) en 2017, and most of the destinations presented positive results. South America comes to mind (+7%), followed by Central America and the Caribbean (+4% in both cases). In North America (+2%), the strong results of the Mexico and the Canada contrasts with a decline in the United States, the largest destination of the region.

Middle East : 58 million international tourist arrivals 2017 (+5%).

Africa : It is estimated 8% the growth of this region in 2017. The continent has consolidated its rebound from 2016 and reached a record of 62 million international arrivals. The North Africa has benefited from a strong recovery with arrivals increasing from 13%, While those of sub-Saharan Africa have increased by 5%.

Madagascar : 293 185 tourists visited the country in 2016. The Government expects 500 000 tourists per year by 2020. The Tourism is one of the most important economic activities. It is one of the first sources of currencies of the countries.
It's a record number, According to the report presented by the Minister Roland Ratsiraka from the Ministry of tourism.
This performance enabled the industry to contribute to GDP (Gross domestic product) at height of 702 million USD, more than 2 246 billion Ariary. "The holding of the international summits in the big island has reinforced this realization. The Francophonie Summit brought about 5 000 foreign tourists, against 2 000 for COMESA and about 300 for the meeting of French-speaking parliamentarians, as well as media. Added to competitions, These different events so did come 10.000 foreigners in Madagascar. In addition, the massive arrival of tourists is due to cruise ships. We recorded 40 hit the side of the big island, which everyone did enter average 1000 tourists on the Malagasy ground. ", has indicated the Minister of tourism.
About Madagascar, It should also be noted that the flora and fauna are of incomparable richness. The big island is considered by all scientists as a nature sanctuary and the birthplace of endemic species of the island.
The cultural tourism focuses on the nature parks of the country. The flora and fauna of Madagascar are indeed the best preserved in the world. The big island is indeed home to many endemic species of which the best known is the lemur. In the Makay Massif, located in the Center-West of the island, more than 300 plant species were collected during a scientific expedition, more from 80 endemic species1
The Sport Tourism also grows. Many water sports lovers meet in the vicinity of d ’ Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez) in the North of the country, to practice kitesurf and windsurf. The annual wind season lasts from late March to late November. It is one of the longest and strongest in the world.
Adventure tourism with the Boeny/Mahajanga region that there are exceptional sites including, the Anjohibe caves, the tsingy of Namoroka national park, the complex Mahavavy-Kinkony wetlands, the new area of Antrema, the Bay of Baly national park, the national park of Ankarafantsika, the magical city of Mahajanga/Majunga, Small Beach beaches, Grand Pavois and Red Circus, Antsanitia and the sacred Lake, Land white at Antanimalandy, the Mahajamba Bay, …

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