World Tourism day

Journée Mondiale du Tourisme #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Journée Mondiale du Tourisme La Journée Mondiale du Tourisme a été célébrée à partir de 1980, à l’initiative de l’OMT (World Tourism Organization). This is the date of the 27 septembre que l’on retient pour marquer l’anniversaire de l’adoption des statutsRead More

Sauver la Nature

Mobilisation nationale pour sauver la Nature #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

A national mobilization to save Nature. “Tout n’est pas perdu pour notre pays, et des solutions durables existent”. Le Forum Economique Mondial dans son 14ème rapport sur les risques économiques mondiaux de 2019 estime que la moitié des risquesRead More

GO TO MAJUNGA #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

GO TO MAJUNGA Majunga's tourism operators' group is revitalizing. Aware of the need to work together to defend their common interests, Majunga tourism operators have decided to revitalise the Majunga Tourism Operators Group (Go … Read More

First Forum economic of Mayotte organized by the ADIM Ben Issa OUSSENI #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

First Forum economic of Mayotte organized by the Agency for development and Innovation of Mayotte - ADIM- This international Forum took place over two days Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November in Mamoudzou, with entrepreneurs in Mayotte, but also other … Read More

The Ankarafantsika National Park in the Northwest of Madagascar Madagascar #MahajangaMaVille #My

The Ankarafantsika National Park in the Northwest of Madagascar National Park of Ankarafantsika, in the Northwest of Madagascar, is a mosaic of dense, dry forests. Ankarafantsika is known for its lakes, last refuges of flagship species. It is also a … Read More

Results 2017 Tourism international #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Results 2017 international tourism. According to the WTO (The World Tourism Organization), international tourist arrivals jumped 7% for a total of 1,322 billion. This momentum is expected to continue in 2018, at a rate of 4% … Read More

WWF Madagascar #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille commitments

The commitments of WWF Madagascar we could write hundreds of stories, and talk you for hours... to help you imagine the impact of WWF in the protection of Madagascar's unique biodiversity and its contribution to … Read More

Tourism and development sustainable appointment and objectives #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Tourism and development sustainable appointment and objectives. UNWTO appoints his Special Ambassador of tourism with the objectives of sustainable development OS. Mrs. Eliza Jean Reid, First Lady of Iceland, has been named Special Ambassador for tourism and development objectives … Read More

Gourmet dinner musical Trio Family Coco Lodge Majunga

Musical gourmet dinner Trio Family Coco Lodge Majunga as every Friday night, Since July 2013, the Hotel * Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga offers a gourmet dinner with live music at the discovery of her kitchen. The Group Trio Family, very … Read More