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Coconut Lodge gourmet restaurant

Coconut Lodge gourmet restaurant offers French cuisine, Malagasy and Lebanese products of exceptional quality !

Here, no pesticides, No fertilizer, not intensive livestock, everything grows naturally, fruit, vegetables, poultry, ZeBu, ... and of course the treasures of the sea, Gold rose of Madagascar, shrimp, camarones and lobsters, Sea cicadas, mangrove crabs, fish (Grouper, bream Mahi Mahi, Captain, Tsui tsui, …), squid, …

Our chef, a veteran of the hotel de France, has to 50 years a solid and long experience and he knows better than anyone leaving the taste of the food speak, with its personal touch, skilful mix of ingredients and typical spices of Madagascar (Wild pepper endemic to Madagascar, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric, Ginger, cloves, Kaffir lime, …). Not to mention the vanilla and chocolate, ranked among the best in the world, the chocolate fondant, fondant heart the Kaffir lime and salt is not to be missed.

Since April 2014, We launched our Lebanese card in partnership with Eastern Ivandry Antananarivo, that has shaped our chef and which provides us with spices, any fees come to Beirut and we make our own bread pita... to discover with a good Lebanese mezze (mixture of different dishes).

In may 2016, the famous chef Nicolas Milliot came 4 days at the coconut Lodge for an intense training with the team kitchen. Chief Nicolas Milliot worked with the greatest chefs in their kitchens for the formation of their brigades on the new cooking technologies in ovens, The silver tower, Tired with Nomicos, 15th Attitude Cyril Lignac, Le Fouquet's, ... and one of his students settled in Brittany with 2 buttons in the Michelin «Olivier Bellin restaurant the Glazicks» http://aubergedesglazick.com/site/

The restaurant provides breakfast and is open all day lunch and dinner except Sunday lunch.
Formula entry + dish of the day or dish of the day + dessert or input + Ar dessert 25,000.- every noonS except on Sunday.
Every Saturday night, We offer culinary theme evenings : declension of foie gras, French specialities, Lebanese, Malagasy, …

How not to think fine wines when it tasted good products ? Coconut Lodge is thinking by offering exceptional wines : Castle the Eyquem high bass Margaux 2012, Chateau BEAU SITE ST ESTÈPHE Red 2004, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes of night, Lambrusco Signore Giuseppe, POUILLY FUISSE PLAYS OF ROY 2011, PETIT CHABLIS LAMBLIN 2011, MOET champagne & CHANDON, wines of Alsace, the Chile wines, South Africa, There is something for everyone and for every budget (from € 15.- to € 95.-).

Chef's suggestions : Entries

Fatty liver seared on gingerbread and toasts

6 or 12 Snail butter with garlic parsley House

Fish smoked on crushed tubers

Carpaccio of lobster... secret Chief...

Chef's suggestions : Dishes

Meat fondue

Sea cicadas or lobsters or camarones sauce butter garlic or choice

Duo sea camarones & fish, saffron cream

Calamari sautéed à la Provençale

Semi-cooked tuna, sesame seeds, wazzabi

Sea with mangrove crab seafood platter

Chef's suggestions : Lebanese dishes

Mezze on request (assortments of different dishes)

Shawarma meat, chicken or mixed



Chef's suggestions : Desserts

Knefeh Laylie Baklawa

How Nicolas Milliot revisited meringue lemon pie

Flan coco way coconut Lodge

Kaffir lime fudge, Flower of salt, flowing heart

special booking, menu,...ask

Specialty seafood, shrimp, camarones, lobsters, Sea cicadas, crabs,….

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