Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Majunga City Centre
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Bar / Swimming pool

The Gourmet Restaurant

Coco Lodge Majunga

At Coco Lodge Restaurant, you're sure to find a French gourmet cuisine, Malagasy and Lebanese, full of flavors.

To add to the charm of the hotel, Eric Petitjean decides, right from the start, to open a restaurant within his establishment, became in a short time a reputable majunga table.

Guests enjoy beautiful seafood platters, discover with delight the traditional malagasy cuisine, or feast on good French dishes since the country has long lived with France.

More original, the chef of the Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge also offers to discover Lebanese gastronomy with assortments of mezzes.

In addition, it honors one of the flagship products of Madagascar : chocolate. "Can't resist our chef's combava chocolate fondant and fleur de sel" assures Eric Petitjean.

The restaurant provides breakfast and is open every day for lunch and dinner., including Sunday.

Formula entry + dish of the day or dish of the day + dessert or input + Ar dessert 25,000. – every lunchtime.
Cabaret dinner with special menu, dance floor and children's area, every Friday night

Map & Menu

Chef's suggestions

Trilogy of foie gras

Verrines and mouthful

Gaspachos & Velvety

Verrines and mouthful


Carpaccio of lobster... secret Chief...
6 or 12 Snails garlic parsley butter
Mixed Bô-Bum
Italian salad with artichokes and calamari
Foie gras creme brulee
Basil crusted crab gratin

Nos Pizzas et Snacks

Coco Lodge special pizza
Coco Lodge Big Burger

Our formulas 25 000 AR

All midis



Chef's suggestions

Moussaka vegan

Vegetarian dish

Vegetarian shawarma sandwich

Vegetarian dish

Seafood platter
Semi-cooked yellowfin tuna, sesame seeds, wazzabi
Stuffed squid
Shrimps with surimi
Duo sea camarones & fish, Kaffir lime
Carry slipper lobster
Lobster with garlic/parsley butter or steamed
Coral lentils with coconut milk and spices

Vegetarian dish

Aloo Palak

Vegetarian dish

Fondue bourguignonne boiled vegetables
Bucco bone
Honey duck breast or green pepper sauce
Duck leg with orange
Lamb shank
Grilled andouillette with mustard sauce
Poultry ballotine

Semi-cooked tuna

sesame seeds,

Seafood platter

with mangrove crab

Sea cicadas or camarons

garlic butter sauce or your choice

Meat fondue

Accompaniment of choice

Every Friday night, we offer evenings of music to discover our kitchen in Ar 49 000 per person : declension of foie gras, French specialities, Lebanese, Malagasy, …



It's sandy



Mixed Grills
Kafta Meshwi
Shawarma meat, chicken or mixed
Lahem Meshwi

Nos desserts

Coco Lodge Majunga

rum baba
Panna cotta
Iced nougat
Chocolate profiteroles
Chocolate fondant, flowing heart

How not to think fine wines when it tasted good products ?

Coco Lodge has thought about it by offering you an exceptional wine list : Chablis 1st Cru 2013, Sancerre megalith 2007, Pessac Léognan white and red, White Chenin, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Burgundy Louis Girard Pinot Noir 2014, Beaune 1st Cru Montée Rouge 2012, Château Larrivet Haut Brion Pessac Léognan2013, St Emilion Château Troplong Mondot 1er Grand Cru 2002, Lambrusco Signore Giuseppe, MOET champagne & CHANDON, wines of Alsace, the Chile wines, South Africa, There is something for everyone and for every budget (from € 15.- to € 195.-).

Here, no pesticides, No fertilizer, not intensive livestock, everything grows naturally, fruit, vegetables, poultry, ZeBu, ... and of course the treasures of the sea, Gold rose of Madagascar, shrimp, camarones, lobsters, Sea cicadas, mangrove crabs, fish (Grouper, Snapper, Yellowfin (yellow tuna), Swordfish, swordfish-sailing, Captain, tsui-tsui, …), squid, …

Our 3 chefs have a solid and long experience and they know better than anyone how to let the taste of food speak. With their personal touch, they make great use of the exceptional ingredients and spices, typical of Madagascar (Wild pepper endemic to Madagascar, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric, Ginger, cloves, Kaffir lime, …). Not to mention the vanilla and chocolate, ranked among the best in the world, the chocolate fondant, fondant heart the Kaffir lime and salt is not to be missed.

And our current Chef, Line, had plenty of time to train with our Chef Noël, former chef of the Hotel de France, as Deputy Head. They worked together for more than 08 years. So they know each other and have always shared their recipe secrets. And Chef Line has a little more : " creativity ". She has her hand, Training, experience, so the charisma, of the profession of Chef.

Since April 2014, we launched our Lebanese map.

Our Chef was trained by the Oriental in Ivandry Antananarivo AND we make our own pita bread … to discover with a good Lebanese mezze (mixture of different dishes).
We even have chichas for amateurs ...

In may 2016, the famous chef Nicolas Milliot came 4 days at the coconut Lodge for an intense training with the team kitchen.

Chief Nicolas Milliot worked with the greatest chefs in their kitchens for the formation of their brigades on the new cooking technologies in ovens, The silver tower, Tired with Nomicos, 15th Attitude Cyril Lignac, Le Fouquet's, ... and one of his students settled in Brittany with 2 buttons in the Michelin «Olivier Bellin restaurant the Glazicks»

En 2020, it's Didier Denamur, who comes to pass 15 days with our team in kitchen and bar. Tireless Globetrotter, Didier DENAMUR puts his suitcases in MADAGASCAR there is 19 years. Nineteen years dedicated to the hotel industry, his original profession since his beginnings at the AVIGNON hotel school during 3 years to obtain a BTH obtained in 1977 (major de promotion). BTH in his pocket he goes to PARIS to train in the biggest kitchens LA TOUR D’ARGENT, WELDER, THE QUAI D’ORSAY among others. Very passionate, he then pushes the doors of the kitchens to discover the bar world, his second passion. His first experience will be in the most famous bar : LE HARRI’S NEW YORK BAR PARIS, where all the great classic cocktails were born, an apprenticeship of 7 month free of charge to then join the bar of the “closerie des lilas” another institution …… then the Mousson PARIS. Then begins the period of travels that will take him from MONTREAL, TORONTO to SAN FRANCISCO, HAVANA, then MARRAKECH, and AFRICA during 25 years then Luxembourg where he will stay 8 years in his chosen field : the kitchen, he even created his first “Latin” concept there. And then finally Madagascar since 2003.



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