The Mahavavy-Kinkony complex, located to the Northwest of Madagascar, is a complex of wetland, in the province of Mahajanga, Boeny region, within the district of Mitsinjo.

The Lake Kinkony is the second Lake in Madagascar with a surface of 14 000 hectares located in the Boeny region.

The Mahavavy Kinkony complex in Mahajanga province
The Mahavavy Kinkony complex in the province of Mahajanga by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

One wetland (or wetland), name derived from the English term wetland, is an area where the main factor of influence of the biotope and its biocenosis is water. Coastal and marine wetlands are generally distinguished differentiated by the proximity of the sea more than the salinity (the salt lakes may exist at l ’ inland).

The vegetation growing in the wetlands of fresh water is said to helophyte.

According to article 1 of the Ramsar Convention en 1971, «wetlands are areas of Marsh», Fagnes, bogs or natural or artificial waters, permanent or temporary, where l ’ water is stagnant or common, sweet, brackish or salty, including areas of marine water the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metres". (This definition of international law s ’ imposes on States more than ’ individuals, unless a particular clause specifies the direct effect of the text for these).

In France, According to the ’ article 2 the Water Act of the 3 January 1992, "wet zone means land., exploited or not, usually inundated or soaked d ’ freshwater, salt or brackish permanently or temporary ; the vegetation, When it exists, There is dominated by hygrophilous plants during at least part of the year. ; Wetlands are home in metropolitan France about 25 % biodiversity, but the ecological habitats who is among the most regressed (-67 % in metropolitan France in the xxe century), According to the Ministry of l ’ environment. These wetlands globally continue to deteriorate, according to the ’ Observatory of biodiversity.

The complex is composed of several natural habitats : River, River, Bay and forest are the biotope of the Mahavavy-Kinkony complex. With 300 000 HA, It is part of the largest protected areas in Madagascar. It owes its name to the Mahavavy River and Lake Kinkony. Nine primate species, 30 fish species, 37 herpetofaunes species, 133 bird species have been recorded on the wildlife diversity. From the floristic point of view, It has inventoried 246 known floral species in the complex. The site is best known on avian richness, especially in water birds. It is also a place of winter for migratory birds such as flamingos and various terns.

The Mahavavy-Kinkony complex presents great ornithological diversity, especially in aquatic avifauna. It is home to endemic species of Madagascar :

Malagasy common name French name Scientific name
Vorofaly Rattle d ’ olivier Amaurornis olivieri
Vorombengy Madagascar sacred Ibis Threskiornis bernieri
Fiandrivoditatatra Heron white crab A. idae
Vikoviko Curlew Malagasy Glareola ocularis
Ankoay Bald Eagle of Madagascar Haliaeetus vociferoides
Humblot's Heron Ardea humbloti
Bernier's teal Anas bernieri

Several migratory species choose as the Mahavavy Kinkony complex passage site. 15 species are regularly visiting the area, the best known are :

Malagasy name French name Scientific name
Samaka Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber
Sotrosogny Spatula d ’ Africa Platalea alba
Leschenault gravelot Charadrius leschenaultia
Mongolian Plover Charadrius mongolus
Great gravelot Charadrius hiaticula
Samby Saunders's tern Sterna saundersii
Samby Diamond Sterne Sterna sumatrana
Samby Sterne traveller Sterna bengalensis

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By Hotel * restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

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