Come celebrate the feast of love this Wednesday 14 February to Coco Lodge Majunga.

Than the ’ we either alone or as a couple, for or against the celebration of love, We always ask this question : «That I'm fine fill to make the evening of Valentine» ? ». L ’ approach of the 14 February, the team of Coco Lodge Majunga invite you to come to dinner with music Trio Family for a fun night !

If you are a couple, That's great, you are in love.

If you are alone(e)s, No worries, We opened a table 'one people '.(e)s"where already a valentine's registered

So don't hesitate and to convince you even more, Here is the menu we offer you :

Evening hosted by Trio Family starting at 19:30

KIR Royal raspberry, with its mouth House layouts and a beautiful red ROSE for Madam

Escalope of foie gras pan-fried with raspberries on heart of bread d ’ spice and nut bread

Skewers of prawns marinated in curry,
Zucchini and sauce served apart coconut fudge

Fondant heart fudge

AR 75 000.- per person

A reservations

on the 034 07 011 34,
by email on
or on Facebook :

Come celebrate the feast of love this Wednesday 14 February to Coco Lodge Majunga

Valentine, We love it or hate it.

If some decide to see this day like any other, others have the desire to spoil their better half by a little attention or a gift.

One thing is certain, no need to think too big. Sometimes, the smallest things are the most enjoyable to receive !

So ladies, Here are some ideas for unusual gifts for Valentine's day for men hihihi :

  1. A good bottle of wine
  2. A good beer
  3. A tie range beer
  4. A pitcher of capsules bottle opener, to play the caps
  5. An iPhone case that made bottle opener
  6. Underwear, a pair of shorts or a side string for man
  7. Panties personalized with the photo of your choice
  8. A T-shirt Coco Lodge, No Comment
  9. Glitter for beard, for a much more brilliant facial hair
  10. A cat's paw vibrant for a back rub
  11. A book "how to become an asshole."
  12. The book 'how not to become an old fool.
  13. Star Wars cuff buttons (Stormtrooper, Dark Vader, Yoda...)
  14. A glass to drink directly from the bottle
  15. A dictionary of forgotten insults
  16. A kamasutra chocolate box, double pleasure
  17. A paper dispenser toilet, makes also door-Tablet
  18. The one ring from the Lord of the rings, the precious aka
  19. A temporary tattoo that lasts two weeks
  20. A beard shampoo, and only beard
  21. A digital table, to change the decoration when we want with his phone
  22. A box of Valentine cheeses
  23. A cookbook for losing a gut with a smile
  24. 'Good for a hot night' ticket scratch
  25. Socks that glow in the dark, for night cyclists
  26. A candy g-string, the undergarment which eats
  27. I can't take it anymore....

What a great party ! but you know that the celebration of love c ’ is all the days of the ’ year, and not the day of the Valentine, non ? You think ’ it will still wait 12 months to receive a small soft word you ? If Yes, you're a dreamer ! Show her every day your love, shows him how much she means to your eyes, and how you l ’ like ; and, avoids, like all those guys in lack d ’ inspiration, to buy him a banal bouquet of roses at the last moment, or worse, a battery of pots and pans… see a pressure cooker last cry ! Come on, write her a nice sentence, forget it I love you donf she has heard thousands of times, and treat your stp writings !

"One day spent close to you, one day during which I t ’ have looked at, me will be worth a lifetime. »

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