The birds of Lyon Park dedicated to Madagascar : A new site of 16 000 m² dedicated to Madagascar and Africa

La Grande Ile, that is a real paradise for birdwatchers ou des ornithologues, is in the spotlight in this park that welcomes more than 280 000 visitors each year.

The birds of Lyon Park dedicated to Madagascar
The birds of Lyon Park dedicated to Madagascar by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.


Le Parc des Oiseaux situé à Villars-les-Dombes près de Lyon, just opened to the public.

The Park of birds is the largest bird park in France and one of the largest in the world.
His visit is a tour of the world to discover the 3000 birds and 300 species, presented within landscaping restoring the natural environment of the birds.
En 2016, the Park of birds has been designated recreation site favorite of the french in the region Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes by the magazine that interested.

It comes a new site close to 16 000 m² dédié à Madagascar and to l’Afrique. It is the most ambitious project ever conducted by the bird park, tant en termes de collection que d’aménagement paysager. Parc avec une grande collection d’oiseaux (including rare species), shows and preservation program.

Park exclusives :
* The Spectacle of birds in flight : It is a key moment in the visit, a real colorful and moving ballet showing wealth, the diversity and beauty of birds.
* The Aviary for Lories : It allows direct contact between visitors and the small multicolored parrots very fond of nectar that offers the public.
* The panoramic Tour of 27 meters high : inaugurated in July 2016, the arrival of the Tour de France at the Park, It is a new building which allows an optimal and original wild bird observation … In the sky !

Destination par excellence.
Of after the official website of the Park, This new space will take the visitor to Madagascar, à travers une reconstitution des paysages de l’île et la rencontre des lémurs Catta, but also of birds such as the « Fody rouge ». Located in the heart of the Dombes in the Department of Ain, the bird park offers its visitors a tour of the ornithological and botanical world by presenting more of 3 000 from birds of the five continents in environments inspired by the landscapes of the world. Madagascar, véritable paradis des birdwatchers ou des ornithologues, Thus is honored in this park that welcomes more than 280 000 visitors each year. The big island has indeed a highly endemic avifauna. What makes it a destination of choice for the birdwatchers and ornithologists.

Séjour à Madagascar.
Furthermore, the country currently has 294 species whose 127 meet anywhere else. To discover and observe them in their natural habitat, a stay in Madagascar is necessary, especially during the dry, over a period of October to December. During this period, the birds are easily spotted by their cries, We talked about.
And among the sites of importance in terms of bird population, include, among others, the New area protected Mahavavy-Kinkony complex (NAP - CMK) located in the West of Madagascar, in the beautiful region of Mahajanga/Boeny. There is also the Bay of Baly located in the North West and has 122 bird species. The Lake of Tsimanampesotse to Toliara is also full of 112 species) While the Tsarasaotra Park in Antananarivo has more of 60 species. Birdwatchers who have already seen firsthand these avifaunes of the island always show full satisfaction.


by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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