Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Majunga City Centre


Majunga hides a little-known heritage

Majunga hides a little-known heritage #MahajangaMaVille #MyMadagascar

Majunga hides a little-known heritage

Few know these stories,

Majunga hides a little-known heritage. In the pretty city of Flowers, Majunga, holidays smell good sun, sea and skewers.

Majunga remains one of the most popular cities for holidaymakers. A period of time, each year, is the delight of local tourism operators.

Paradoxically, Majunga suffers from a rather average interest in international tourists, more likely to turn to the northern region of the island.

And yet, Majunga has more than the sun and the sea to offer.

This city has historical places, a heritage as well known as the Iron Lady in Paris, and enjoys peaceful coexistence between people of different religions. Guided tour in this city which hides a real heritage.

A signed building “Eiffel tower” in the middle of town

In the city of Majunga, not far from the famous “bord”, hides behind modern houses, a real treasure. A treasure that is a few meters from the Hotel ★★★ Coco Lodge. A large abandoned building, covered with climbing plants that seem to want to protect it from any external attack, tells a great story.

This colonial house, today inhabited by a few families, is fragile. Its architecture recalls these colonial constructions in the tropics, where every detail is fine-tuned. It has two floors, each with a small veranda, along all the accommodation. Two beautifully sculpted metal staircases lead upstairs.

Today rosy with rust, those iron bars look fragile. We almost don't want to ride them, so much the weight of the body could make them crack. At first glance, this is not a villa, nor of a foot on the ground of any ennobled "Monsieur" fleeing the cold of the European winter.

In reality, it is the home of the French soldiers of the time of colonization. And this building was built by the architectural office of Gustave Eiffel, the same one who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Unfortunately, hidden behind modern houses, and completely abandoned, it's hard to notice. We do not highlight this real heritage which could make the pride of the city, and even the country.

To find her, and even know its history, you need a tour guide, and ask him for this little trick. Local guides are not stingy with words. By the way, the state of the building affects them enormously. Because only the current tenants take care of making it still habitable, since obviously, they can't do more.

Elsewhere, in countries where culture holds an important place in development, we would have rehabilitated this kind of heritage, while respecting all the materials of the house. We would have kept its original architecture. And it would have remained a historical heritage.

Other heritages to safeguard

This building is not the only construction made by the offices of Gustave Eiffel in Madagascar. There is also the Kamoro bridge, which was left as is, so as not to distort this heritage.

There is also the Katsepy lighthouse as well as the Bazaar Be.

So many heritages of history that could enhance Majungo tourism, because too few know these stories.

Gustave Eiffel began construction of the Eiffel Tower in January 1887. They were able to complete after 26 Iron Lady month. She counts 18 000 parts assembled by 2,5 millions of rivets. Today it sits enthroned in Paris and is the pride of an entire Nation.. Gustave Eiffel built other historical monuments : en 1882, he designs with his team the structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York. He also built the Porto viaduct, en 1876 au Portugal.

Majunga hides a little-known heritage, to discover and appreciate !

Want to discover these heritages, or find out more, contact the Hotel★★★ Gourmet Restaurant and Tour Operator Coco Lodge Majunga.

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Discover the Anjohibe Caves, Ankarafantsika National Park, Sacred Lake, Cirque Rouge and the beaches. Not to mention the Antrema reserve, the lighthouse of Katsepy, Papamena, The Poseidon, Mahavavy Kinkony Complex, Namoroka tsingys, ….

For your holidays or business trips, the whole team of the Hotel ★★★ Coco Lodge is delighted to meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable stay in the city of Majunga.

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  • 17 February 2020


    This is a military house. If you go from AUXIMAD to the post office, you pass through there. I used to live there, my uncle still lives there..

    The Malagasy veterans have asked for this treasure but the Malagasy refused..

    • 22 February 2020


      You are right. Even if we are native or paper gas, we can make it happen if we dare to take responsibility. The benefits are shared so both the government and the businessmen get it. All game rules will be made clear.
      It is a common interest then. It's something that can be done well, but it needs to be clear to avoid regrets later…

  • 18 February 2020

    Bastide Francoise

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