Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Majunga City Centre

History Majunga

L’Age du fameux Baobab de Majunga confirmé Le Baobab de Majunga : un arbre majestueux et millénaire Madagascar abrite plusieurs espèces de baobabs. This emblematic tree is very important for the Malagasy. The town of Majunga has one, who does his

Mahajanga : An appendix of the Alliance française on the site of "Majungasaurus Mall" Thanks to the partnership with the president of the company Vison Madagascar (ViMa), owner of the site "Majungasaurus Mall" (ex plants from Sotema), an annex of the Alliance Française

29 MARCH - COMMEMORATION DESPITE CORONAVIRUS 29 March – Commemoration despite the coronavirus The President of the Republic rekindles the flame of patriotism and national solidarity to win the epidemiological war. 29 March - Commemoration despite coronavirus. A sober tribute The state

Majunga – a city of peaceful religious cohabitation Cosmopolitan city Majunga – a city of peaceful religious cohabitation : One of the singularities of the city of Majunga is its multitude of people of various origins, but above all of various religions, who live and

Majunga hides an unknown heritage Few know these stories, Majunga hides a little-known heritage. In the pretty city of Flowers, Majunga, holidays smell good sun, sea and skewers. Majunga remains one of the most popular cities for vacationers.

World Human Rights Day in Majunga Many young people came to the celebration of World Human Rights Day in Majunga. World Human Rights Day was celebrated in Mahajanga on Friday 13 December.

Communes in Mahajanga I Communal in Mahajanga with a debate at the Hotel Coco Lodge. The electoral campaign in Mahajanga continued with a televised debate. The three mayoral candidates present defended their respective programmes. Less than a week before the

GO TO MAJUNGA The group of tourist operators of Majunga is revitalized. Aware of the need to work together to defend their common interests, Majunga tourism operators have decided to revitalise the Majunga Tourism Operators Group (GO TO MAJUNGA). The