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Madagascar in Changsha 1st exhibition Sino-africaine #Sino - Africarelationsinthenewera

Madagascar will participate in the first exhibition economic and commercial Sino-africaine, which will be held from 27 to the 29 June, in Changsha in China, in Hunan province. This event will be a showcase for the Malagasy tourism industry, and will seek to attract foreign investors. The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of trade are working together for the success of participation at this show.

Madagascar figure amongst the 54 African countries participating in this first exhibition representing a major economic issue for the continent. The visibility of the products on the Chinese market and partnerships of all kinds (public-private, Chinese private-private and with communities), will be put in the spotlight.

The fair will strengthen sino-malgache cooperation

As part of this exhibition economic and commercial Sino-africaine, the Chinese Government will take the sponsorship of the event. The main objectives of the Malagasy contribution within this show are to implement eight major initiatives, proposed during the Beijing Summit, of the forum on China-Africa cooperation. Thus a possibility of enlargement and deepening of the promotion of agricultural technology will be the order of the day. The creation of industrial zones, infrastructure construction and financial cooperation can there be discussed or even initiated. Chinese investments indeed take an exponential scale in the big island. The mining industry, fishing and the import of technology are highlights areas of trade China-Madagascar. When the tourism sector, the Chinese Government is committed to doubling the number of tourists to Madagascar for this year. Senior officials of the ministries, to encourage Madagascan entrepreneurs to participate in the event, stress the importance of the exhibition of the Malagasy products in China in order to boost employment and the economic interest of the general public.

Participants and organizers will meet again in China later. The terms of the exhibition and the Malagasy product flow to the places of exhibitions are yet to discuss. The first exhibition economic and commercial Sino-africaine is promising for a better economic future for the whole of the African continent and strengthening sino-malgache cooperation.

This event can be beneficial also in tourism where
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Rahal Rasolofo.

Strategic, dynamic, persuasive individual with 15 years experience in driving the performance of an ICT Company in the very tough environment of French Speaking African Countries. My main duties were to achieve all the targets in terms of sales, quotas and financial results (BS, P&L, FR, CFM) and be responsible for hiring and managing Human Resources teams. I am a confident, enthusiastic and inspiring individual who would enjoy partaking in areas of management, marketing, logistic, finance analysis, strategy, ISO, HR, etc.