Madagascar National Parks, which manages fifty protected areas in Madagascar, offers several eco-tourism tours to discover the Bay of Baly nestled in the Boeny region, (commune of Soalala and Ampohipaky in the South-West of Mahajanga). Created in 1997, This National Park is known for its successful between two different ecosystems alliance : a terrestrial and the other marine and coastal. This characteristic gives it a unique environment.

Natural and cultural breakthroughs at the rendezvous

From Majunga, It takes 8 hours of travel (150 km) that starts by crossing the Bay of beaches to reach Katsepy. A 'secondary' road connects then Katsepy to Soalala. It should be noted that it is more of a passable track only from May to November. The Bay of Soalala is largely inhabited by the Sakalava. The population there lives on traditional activities, including fishing, farming and agriculture.

The Bay of Baly National Park (in front of Soalala) Invites the visitor to evasion, in the middle of bamboo, forests dry and wet, Lakes and dunes, Savannah and banks of the mozambique channel. The Bay of Baly is the unique habitat of the tortoise to spur, entirely endemic to the Park, "Angonoka.,». THEAstrochelys yniphora is a rare turtle that lives within an extremely limited natural habitat. The lakes and marshes scattered here and there in the national park are also home to a multitude of birds including migrants who live in colony. Within wetlands, You can find classified 'endangered' of freshwater turtles as theErymnochelys madagascariensis. Another endangered species, theDugong Dugong, marine mammal that is evolving in the brackish waters of the Bay. The Bay of Baly national park also offers the opportunity to observe several species of lemurs and endemic birds , including the famous Ankoay (Haliaeetus vociferoides) and the white crab Heron (A. idae). All this exceptional wildlife is changing in the middle of a rich and generous flora. In any, There are 129 plant species.

In addition, the Bay of Baly is also a seaside tourism destination. With idyllic beaches and coral reef, It is dedicated to vacationers fans of water sports and relaxation at sea.

The other feature of the Bay of Soalala is its proximity to the National Park of the Tsingy of Namoroka. So it is quite possible to prolong the adventure to this protected area characterized by its thousands of sharp peaks (Tsingy) on which grow Baobab trees and its caves.

 4 circuits to the delight of hikers

To move from the city of Soalala, It takes 20 minutes by speedboat or 1 hour by canoe to sail. On the other side of the Bay of Soalala, having landed on a beach, a 2km walk is to perform up to the entrance of the PN. With its 57.142 HA, the National Park offers various circuits around the discovery of nature. The Angonoky and the Ankoay being both headlights of the Bay, two circuits are dedicated to their discovery, Beaboaly Angonoky and Angonoky-Bemosary will delight lovers of hiking. The first extends 7km for 2 hours of hiking circuit. As for the second, It is 15km. The Kisoany circuit is ideal for the birdwatching. The mangrove shelters a large number of waders and birds.

The fourth circuit is that of the Lake Sariaka, measuring 25 km.

Under the tutelage of the Ministry of the environment, Ecology, the sea and the forests, Madagascar National Parks focuses the efforts of the big island for the protection of nature. The natural riches of the Boeny region of the Bay of Baly will be preserved thanks to its effective management of this fragile area rare biodiversity.

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