Gastronomy represents 1/3 tourists spending.
The tourism sector could lift millions out of poverty in contributing to peace and security in Africa.

Gastronomy represents 1/3 tourists spending.
Gastronomy represents 1/3 expenditures from tourists by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

Gastronomy is one of the flagship products to attract especially foreign tourists to choose the destination Madagascar. According to the report 2017 UNCTAD (The United Nations trade and Development Conference) on tourism in Africa, Food and drinks are 1/3 these tourists spending. For the case of Madagascar, the country has many commodities called five stars by the Grand Chefs of renowned, like shrimp, vanilla, cocoa and spices. What is our comparative advantage over competing countries. And may be offered various dishes typical malagasy or how each foreign country, with these quality ingredients recognized internationally.

Higher value added.
For this reason, UNCTAD said in its report to create strong links between sectors of tourism, Agriculture and infrastructure as well as eco-tourism, the medical and cultural segments. To encourage diversification towards higher value added activities while contributing to a wider distribution of income. By way of illustration, 44% hotels in Ethiopia expenditures are dedicated to food provided by farmers. Which has had a positive impact on the improvement of the standard of living of vulnerable population in rural areas. In order to exploit this potential, African Governments should adopt measures to encourage local sourcing while encouraging local entities to participate in the chain of tourism value and to stimulate the development of the infrastructure. If they benefit from these sustainable investments, the tourism sector could lift millions out of poverty while contributing to peace and security in Africa, According to UNCTAD always.

Culinary tradition.
Looking back on the malagasy gastronomy, to recognize foreign tourists to enjoy enormously both in Madagascar as part of international fairs. Recently, an event titled 'Mad to Miss Madagascar' was organized in London in order to inform the public of the United Kingdom tradition culinary malagasy. Visitors have had the opportunity to taste among other, the meat of zebu to carry sauce or the coconut as well as the famous "Government" or meat skewer.

Restaurant coconut Lodge, our chef, a veteran of the hotel de France, has to 50 years a solid and long experience and he knows better than anyone leaving the taste of the food speak, with its personal touch, skilful mix of ingredients and typical spices of Madagascar (Wild pepper endemic to Madagascar, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric, Ginger, cloves, Kaffir lime, …). Not to mention the vanilla and chocolate, ranked among the best in the world, the chocolate fondant, fondant heart the Kaffir lime and salt is not to be missed.
Since April 2014, We launched our Lebanese card in partnership with Eastern Ivandry Antananarivo, that has shaped our chef and which provides us with spices, any fees come to Beirut and we make our own bread pita... to discover with a good Lebanese mezze (mixture of different dishes).
In may 2016, the famous chef Nicolas Milliot came 4 days at the coconut Lodge for an intense training with the team kitchen. Chief Nicolas Milliot worked with the greatest chefs in their kitchens for the formation of their brigades on the new cooking technologies in ovens, The silver tower, Tired with Nomicos, 15th Attitude Cyril Lignac, Le Fouquet's, ... and one of his students settled in Brittany with 2 macarons in the Michelin ' Olivier Bellin restaurant the '. Glazicks »

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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