Gastronomy : dishes ideas according to Nicolas MILLIOT by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.

As we announced yesterday, Chief Nicolas Milliot will be with us for this long weekend of Ascension and he reveals some of the dishes he will concoct with our team …

To give you an idea of what you can enjoy throughout from these 04 days … :

Mini cabbage fish tartare cassava
NEMS of poultry to the flavors of the spices from the Islands
Creme brulee with foie gras and Bay rose
Verrines soup cold tomato basil
Puff pastry tuna tartare and cream of chives
Acras shrimp with herbs
Toast foie gras House in the heart of shrimp and pineapple with chilli jam
The fine muslin of lobster ravioli (Cassava flour)
Cream of fresh peas and cashews

Trilogy of palm kernel or coconut heart, Salad with citrus dressing, Braised with Tarragon-scented emulation and way cappuccino …
Tuna mi- cooked a the unilateral and its gravy, flank of Chauhan and fine mashed purple Arouille
Range of duck breast, Pears caramelized honey of baobab and wild pepper

Parmentier of pig shoulder Braised with Merlot and spices from the Islands, mashed sweet potato and Ravitoto bed
Pave seabream dolphinfish roast gravy, on a bed of bredes tom thumb

By chef Nicolas Milliot lemon tartlets
Attitude gourmande around cassava,
Millefeuilles with raspberry chips, small sand choco-vanilla, fruit jelly and salted butter caramel sauce

As you know can be Nicolas Milliot has managed to develop a cassava flour according to a secret well guarded method and we will enjoy his bread, his pastries and his cookies with this flour … bluffing !

It is with great pride that the Hotel * Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga welcomes chef Milliot Nicolas Rovatiana for 5 days of intense training and 4 exceptional events on reservation, with the Group #Trio Family to ensure a musical atmosphere of circumstance :

• Dinner from Wednesday 04 May Eve L'ascension to 19 hours 30.
• Lunch Ascension Thursday 05 may at noon.
• Gourmet dinner Friday 06 May to 19 hours 30.
• Gourmet dinner on Saturday 07 May to 19 hours 30.

A reservations 034 07 011 34

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.

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