Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Gastronomy : a great CHEF Nicolas MILLIOT in training at the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet Restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga.

Gastronomy : a great CHEF Nicolas MILLIOT in training at the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet Restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga.

After having studied cuisine in Belgium, Nicolas Milliot directed his gastronomic tour of France from the luxury of Régine brasserie, the table of hosts in the region of Chinon combining gastronomy and wine tasting, Restaurant specialized in cooking the meat red 'Lion's share' in Bordeaux, without forgetting to Chamonix restaurant "le Dahu" family Devoissoux Gastro and traditional.

Gastronomie : un grand CHEF Nicolas MILLIOT en formation à l’Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga

Gastronomy : a great CHEF Nicolas MILLIOT in training at the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet Restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga

Gastronomy : a grand Chief Nicolas Frank.

Rich experiences Nicolas Milliot began to teach the future chefs. At the Paraclete in Brittany he taught cooking and pastry during 12 years. Between the formation of students, He participated in different cooking competition : "international competition in Torkay - 1st team foreign-, contest Escoffier in Nantes, contest Capic, … ».

12 years of rich, but also with satisfaction of success (Nicolas Milliot has a student installed in Britain to date with 2 macarons in the Michelin ' Olivier Bellin restaurant the '. Glazicks »), Nicolas Milliot installed on his own account in a restaurant in order to express his desire to share the simple kitchen in turn, natural and always with fresh products of the day.

After completing his dream, Nicolas Milliot returned to training the biggest constructor in kilns in the 'Rational' http world:// And this is where, that he met the greatest chefs in their kitchens for the formation of their brigades on the new cooking technologies in ovens, The silver tower, Tired with Nomicos, 15th Attitude Cyril Lignac, Le Fouquet's, etc.

Chief Nicolas Milliot moved to Mauritius where he became a kitchen at the Hotel School Professor Sir Gaëtan Duval during three years and where he will open his grocery fine Nicolas to pointe aux Canonniers.

He will then come to Madagascar for teaching at the College Saint - François Xavier of Fianarantsoa. Nicolas Milliot will be the head of the Café de la Gare and heads Avenue in Antananarivo.

Nicolas Milliot is a member of the Mauritius Heads Association http M.C.A.:// and active member of the Académie Culinaire de France = en.

It is therefore with great pride that the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet Restaurant Coco Lodge in Majunga welcomes this great chef for 5 days of intense training and 4 exceptional events on reservation, with the Group Trio Family to ensure a musical atmosphere of circumstance :

• Dinner from Wednesday 04 May Eve L'ascension to 19 hours 30.
• Lunch Ascension Thursday 05 may at noon.
• Gourmet dinner Friday 06 May to 19 hours 30.
• Gourmet dinner on Saturday 07 May to 19 hours 30.

A reservations.

by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga.

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