Support for tourism professionals

Support for tourism professionals

Support for tourism professionals

In support of tourism professionals, The Program “Miatrika Covid” organises free training. A component of the Multisectoral Emergency Plan much appreciated by the guides.

The Midi Madagascar team #8217 an interview with Manitra Randriambololona, President of the National Federation of Guides (FNG).


Noon Madagasikara (Mr). Faced with the health crisis, Government pushes tourism operators to focus on local tourism. What about guides ?

Manitra Randriambololona (FNG). You should know that 29 associations of guides on 37 existing ones include guides who work in national parks. Actually, the development of local tourism can have an impact as the guidance service is mandatory in parks for both foreigners and nationals.. On the other hand, other associations represent car rental companies and accompanying guides. The latter are left on the margins, because local tourists do not necessarily need their services. As such, some guides are trying to convert to other professions, because it's about survival.

  • How today's activities go ?

FNG. On the 29 associations I've talked about, only 10 still have enough customers, like those operating in Isalo, Ranomafana, Andasibe, Ankarafantsika, etc. But in a park, there are on average 80 guides. They apply a rotation system and the frequency is now very slow. Guides accumulate debts. Some sell their goods to survive. Based on the survey we conducted, children of guides are forced to stop their studies, lack of means. Parents prioritize the smallest and sacrifice the education of the older.

  • Are solutions planned to deal with this dire situation ?

FNG. Indeed, the Federation has sought solutions. We asked for state subsidies. Lobbying was done with the CTM (Madagascar Tourism Confederation) to get cash transfers. But the leaders' message was clear : « As a principle, there will be no subsidy ». A guarantee fund was then requested to facilitate access to credit. Negotiations are still ongoing. But something is already acquired. Training under the Miatrika Covid Programme, seen as a response to our call for help. We have already called for a capacity building to support the recovery of the sector. The modules requested mainly concern basic training, Language, Entrepreneurship, etc. Today, we benefit from free training that meets these expectations, through the Miatrika Programme and at the same time receive compensation.

  • Are the guides enthusiastic, facing this program ?

FNG. The Miatrika Programme is being implemented in several areas such as Antananarivo, Diego, Sainte-Marie, in the Southwest, etc. Many guides from these regions ask us how to subscribe and participate in this project. As a federation, we show them how to do it. It must be said that at the outset, there were fears about the eligibility criteria. But officials at Miatrika later explained that all players in the tourism sector can benefit from the, at the request of formal or informal companies or associations, provided they operate in tourism. After an information session in Antananarivo, all guides in Madagascar are interested in the programme, even those who used to scowl. This program represents a breath of fresh air for tourism professionals, "asphyxiated" by the crisis.

  • So are you satisfied ?

FNG. Yes, but it's not the only request expressed by the FNG. The State, in partnership with the PIC project (Integrated growth pole) responded to some of our requests, but other processes are under way and we hope that they will lead to projects to be implemented.

Support for tourism professionals. And Majunga then ?

The big question, It is “Or is Majunga on all this ?”

The North-West of Madagascar #8217 not even included in the PIC project (Integrated growth pole). And Majunga tour guides cannot benefit from this program “Miatrika Covid”.

By #CocoLodgeMajunga

We are now all at once :

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  • Un bar piscine with cocktails, "tsakitsaky", pancakes and waffles available at all hours,
  • One organizer of events and conferences with 3 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 90 people. We can receive themed lunch/dinner, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy-girl stag, marriage proposal, …
  • A travel and tourism services company (License C),
  • One tour operator (B license),
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