Evening wine tasting at the Hotel * restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga with Nicolas Milliot

At the outset, a big thank you to those who have already come Wednesday night or yesterday midi sample the dishes of chef Nicolas Milliot.
For the tasting menu tonight (only on reservation 034 07 011 34), Here's what awaits you :

Creme brulee with foie gras on a variety of melon

Nem of Spice Islands chicken sweet and sour pineapple sauce

Sheep brains fried capers, lemon and small croutons

Chaplain to the seafood

Forest stuffed Camaron

Minced chicken and shrimp tandoori and crunchy vegetables

Tagine of Lamb on a bed of PEAR caramel

Chocolate ganache coulis of star fruit and sorbet

These 8 dishes are all served one after the other for a great moment of tasting.

Reminder It is with great pride that the Hotel * Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga welcomes chef Milliot Nicolas Rovatiana from Tuesday 03 may, for 5 days of intense training and 4 exceptional events on reservation, with the Group Trio Family to ensure a musical atmosphere of circumstance :
• Dinner from Wednesday 04 May Eve L'ascension to 19 hours 30.
• Lunch Ascension Thursday 05 may at noon.
• Gourmet dinner Friday 06 May to 19 hours 30.
• Gourmet dinner on Saturday 07 May to 19 hours 30.
A reservations 034 07 011 34

Gastronomy is the set of rules (fluctuating, Depending on country, social classes and modes) that define the art of making good cheer.
Gastronomy is a body of knowledge and practices regarding food, When it is more essential to be hungry to eat. The word lends itself to many definitions, which may differ without contradicting.
According to the Académie française, "Dear good doing"., which meant 'do good '., was used as early as the nineteenth century within the meaning of "making a good meal" - a good meal being an element of a good home. In this sense, "Dear" includes everything that relates to the quantity, the quality and preparation of the mets1.
This "art" encompasses those, creative in some cases, to collect, adapt or invent recipes, to select products, to prepare dishes, dishes and taste them.
A gastronome is a wise gourmet, a culture of table Fort.

Why did you choose to make cooking your career ?
Chef Nicolas Milliot : First, because I'm greedy and I love to eat ! Then because being Chief opens a vast field of possibilities :
have the most varied products possible in all categories of foods and season,
be able to transform them and see the immediate result,
be able to share them (cooking for others, not for itself !),
create memories (all products and tasted dishes are outstanding and leave traces in the memory).
The challenge is to maintain this in the long term. But my passion for this work underlies my commitment. I find still more fun than constraints, even after 34 years.

Hotel * restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

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