The beaches are one of the strong points of Mahajanga, first popular beach of Madagascar.

Mahajanga is the first holiday destination of the Malagasy. Probably because of its proximity to Antananarivo, of the national road 4 which is in excellent condition and climate.

Majunga city light, is a must to stay in Madagascar. The Malagasy people are mistaken not since holiday season, This is one of their favorite destination. It is said that the city welcomes up to one million tourists between June and September. So far, you will not be disturbed. Here, everything is spacious, serene. The heat of the early afternoon calm the ardor, at rest while waiting to take advantage of the nightlife.

Majunga, because light that guided by the Sun City. Each day is initiated by the fate of the star King, by its brightness, his sometimes heavy heat, until his soft bed rest on a languorous Mozambique Channel, but proud.

The beaches are one of the strong points of Mahajanga. Their real names are small beach, Ampazony or Grand Pavois to the names of the districts or seaside village., But in a usual way is to go to Amborovy, because it is the road to the beaches. Places worship summer atmosphere and relaxation with friends or family. A successful holiday through Amborovy, synonymous beaches of gaiety, holidays and happy moments shared with friends and family. This is probably the first popular beach of Madagascar, in the sense that can be large European beaches. This place probably foreshadows what will be the Malagasy beaches of tomorrow... Among the few beaches on the big island that are crowded by holiday periods.

Mahajanga, first popular beach of Madagascar

On the beaches of Amborovy, we drink, You can eat, you relax with your family or playing music. But in peace, joy. Beach side, a few bars where you can cool off or even eat a piece. Merchants sell fruit (melons, papayas, bananas...). You can enjoy at any moment, seafood and grilled fish. Out of the freezer fruit juice sold in bottles, watermelons and shells... and all drinks brands fresh and purchased at nearby bars... PPE under benevolent umbrellas, you won't be spoilt for choice for local dishes, between two swims under the caresses of the ocean. Others spend between umbrellas for offer you of Tsaky Tsaky (Nibbles like spring rolls, sambos, chicken thighs...). The beaches are mostly designed with large umbrellas of dried leaves. Ideal for settling in the shade and avoid the sun burns and the burning sand.

Not far from the beaches of Grand Pavois, You can visit the Red Circus. Chaotic landscape of colored sands, which are at the origin of a typical craft of the place : drawing with different colors of sand inside bottle.

Go to Mahajanga without spending at least half a day to Amborovy, It's little like going in Paris without Eiffel Tower climb.

At the beginning of l’Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge : breakfast at the hotel in 07 hours 30 and departure 08 hours 30 for small beach and Grand Pavois. Beach, bathing, Sun bath and lunch at noon at the Barracuda at Grand Pavois. Siesta in the shade on the beach and start walking to 16 hours for the Red Circus (30 minute walk). Walk in the circus in the sun setting and return to the Barracuda to 18 hours for a return to the hotel to 18 hours 30/19 hours. Dinner.

On Facebook : The small beach of Majunga Madagascar and Grand Pavois – Amborovy

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  1. Pascal Kryl

    I am extremely surprised to see that, for a person who lives in Majunga, you let you fly photos on other web sites, i.e. Dwizernews !!! Not even a name, not even a link... Nothing !! Would you rent your rooms to my account ??? It is of the same order. You you monopolize the work of another, without asking for permission. It's pathetic.
    I make a copy of your web page for all purposes useful. There are laws on authors ' rights.

    • CocoLodge

      I do not understand your email and your anger …
      How many times my photos have been used by others…
      If you want to keep your photos for you alone, He must keep them on your computer without publishing them or so mark them … I stole nothing at all.
      And the comparison with the coconut Lodge rooms does not …
      I don't really understand your point and your qualification of “dismal” …
      Sorry to have offended you but it is not the purpose ; the goal is to introduce Majunga and all its attractions and your photo is excellent for that … If you want I can clarify that you are the author of the photo …
      Thank you.
      Kind regards.
      Eric Petitjean

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