Represents a great place of excursions, wide cocotterie, walk to EIFFEL recently rehabilitated lighthouse (distance from 7 Katsepy km) from which we benefit
panoramic views over the mouth of the Betsiboka. This Lighthouse has experienced a tragedy with the tomb of the daughter of the engineer to his foot...
A small forest houses lemurs that are worth the visit.
A few kilometres from Katsepy, the new protected area bio cultural of Antrema where one can enjoy seeing 153 plant species, Amphibians and reptiles,
and 5 species of lemurs.
This exceptional site, life of the Sakalava, is open to the public since October 2013. It was before that frequented by the teams of the Museum
of l'Histoire Naturelle de Paris in collaboration with the University of Antananarivo, due to the higher density of lemurs of Madagascar, explained by
the fact that for the Sakalava, lemurs are the representation of their ancestors, who reincarnate for them in his superb animals.
No visit cannot be done without prior encountering the prince Sakalava that welcomes you home only on Tuesdays and Thursdays ! Unforgettable visit is it
is !
The Sahariaka Lake in the heart of the Palm Savannah, It is an ideal place for the bird watcher, We leave the base camp of morning so we can enjoy the
Sunrise, which marks the beginning of the day by the Lake watching the birds that exist all around the Lake.

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