Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Majunga City Centre


The wonders of Majunga

The wonders of Majunga

The wonders of Majunga

Madagascar is a tourist country that attracts many world travelers every year. In this article, we will show you another tourist hotspot on the Big Island which is the town of Majunga and its wonders.

Why visit Majunga ?

Called "Mahajanga" in Malagasy, the city also nicknamed city of flowers offers a magnificent landscape, but also an impressive cultural diversity. There are people there who come from everywhere, foreigners from Asia, d’Europe, of Africa… which makes visiting Majunga this cosmopolitan city very pleasant.

Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery.

The wonders of Majunga

The famous Baobab

The star attraction of Majunga obviously remains the famous century-old Baobab which sits in the heart of the city.. Tourists who come to visit Mahajanga do not hesitate to take souvenir photos in front of this majestic Baobab which has inherited the nickname “Bouye be”.

Brief, this Baobab is quite simply the emblem of the city, and even the whole coast. After approaching the old Baobab, you can end your day by strolling not far from there, on the famous “edge of Majunga”. It’s quite simply the meeting place for those who like to party, and it’s also the place where you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

The beautiful beaches of Majunga

Knowing that the weather is always nice when you come to visit Majunga, the best place to spend a pleasant time with family remains the beaches. Many people enjoy the sun on one of the region’s beautiful white sand beaches.. Tourists meet either at the “small beach” to enjoy a swim in the sea., or at the “grand bulwark” to share moments of happiness around a barbecue.

The Anjohibe caves

Located at 83 km north of the town of Majunga. An impressive natural complex where the caves gather, riviere souteraine, natural swimming pool and waterfall.

Accessible by a track that crosses savannah and cashew plantations (cashew), the Anjohibe site brings together extremely varied tourist attractions.

The caves represent a network of interconnecting rooms over several kilometers. Numerous limestone concretions forming imposing stalactites and stalagmites that can exceed 10m in height. It is the most important speleological site in Madagascar.

The Mahavavy complex – Kinkony

For nature lovers, a short detour to the Mahavavy complex – Kinkony will make them happy. This resort is home to rich tropical vegetation including mangroves, palm trees and savannah, as well as incredible wildlife. This nature reserve serves as a home for many species of migratory birds in the dry season.. Most are endemic species, the ideal place for bird watching and visiting Majunga.

Coco Lodge Tour Operator will be delighted to help you discover these wonders.

Where to stay ?

Majunga being a tourist town, you will have no trouble finding refuge in the capital of the Boeny region. If you are looking for comfort to visit Majunga, you will find what you need at Coco Lodge Majunga.

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  • One tour operator(B license),
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