A 25 KMS North of Mahajanga is located the village of Antsanitia. Fishing Center is on the edge of a lush of plateau 20 HA, near the mouth of the King, and on the Mozambique Channel. This particular situation allows fishing in freshwater, brackish as well as in deep-sea environment. Antsapeche is a sport fishing centre. Their project is entirely based on a responsible practice of fishing. "Ny nofy. ("the dream" in Malagasy), skippered by Dominique and his village sailors, will lead you safely on the spots suitable for your type of fishing. Antsapeche is committed to the Malagasy community to pay attention to the balance of aquatic wildlife. During their outings at sea, they don't kill any fish and they release them, so as soon as a picture taken.
Possibility for a day or half-day of adrenaline with Antsapeche for 1 to 4 fishermen (+ 3 Max companions).
Full day or half day. Equipment provided.

Program :
-Departure : (According to tide and weather) 8 h to 12 h.
-Picnic on the boat. Included 1 bottle of water per person.

  • Price of the day : AR 1.600.000 the boat (≈ 550 €) drinks not included, back to the hotel at 17: 00.
  • Half day price : 980.000 AR ship (≈ 350 €) drinks not included, return to 13 hours.
  • Picnic beyond 4 people : AR 15.000 (€ 5.-) per person.

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