(accessible from the month of April to November)

Available from April to November after 3 4 hours×4 at least by a sporting track 63 km and 21 km of asphalt on the RN4 road, running through Savannah and cashew plantations.
The caves represent a network of several interconnecting rooms between them on several kilometres, many calcareous concretions formants of important stalactites and stalagmites that can exceed the 10 meters in the height.
The site is complemented by a natural pool which can reach 2 m deep and flows downstream from falls which offer a vertical drop of 20 metres.
This oasis is surrounded by a forest that is home to lemurs, Sifakas cockroach, which come easily to meet customers. It is possible to camp there in order to take full advantage of the aspect extremely resting places.
From the Anjohibe cave, It will be possible to furrow the Mahajamba Bay (huge mangrove) and remount the Sofia River to join the RN6 at scores of kilometers north of Port - Bergé.

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