JCI Mahajanga in honor of the 29 June to July 1

This is a first in the city of flowers, or a first in this kind of 29 June to July 1 : the business lounge, Social responsibility, Environment is a flagship project of the JCI Mahajanga to promote entrepreneurship in Mahajanga.

JCI Mahajanga à l’honneur du 29 juin au 1er juillet
JCI Mahajanga in honor of the 29 June to July 1 by Hotel Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

Note that the current President of the JCI Mahajanga is Marson Hossen Zahoo.

The JCI Mahajanga in honor of the 29 June to July 1
On the occasion of the 1st edition of the show business and responsibility social environment, under the sponsorship of the Prefecture of Mahajanga, of the urban district of Mahajanga, JCI Madagascar, the Chamber of Commerce and the industry of Mahajanga, the Alliance Française of Majunga will be present at a booth to introduce its course offerings, its media library as well as its cultural activities and its workshops of dance and music. A mailbox idea will be at your disposal to meet your expectations.

Entry free Thursday 29 June – Friday 30 June – Saturday, July 1st from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30.

Active in all major cities of the island, the JCI Madagascar currently 17 local organizations. Serving on the Chamber of Commerce and industry, the Mahajanga JCI was established in 1989 and today it has about 20 active member and still continues to make positive changes for its community.

What is JCI ?
The Junior Chamber International is an organization for young volunteers of 18 to 40 years. She is a school of continuing education which recognizes the right to trial and the right to make mistakes. By the work group or through a wide range of training courses organized within the movement, the Youth Chamber offers an unlimited range of opportunities for personal development and responsibility.

Young people can also, during Committee meetings or general meetings, Learn to develop a speech, an argument, to follow parliamentary procedures because often they are places of debates and discussions.

Training, exchanges, advice
-focus on personal development : brand image, the personal Dynamics, stress management, the art of oratory and improvisation ;
-oriented management : the time management, commercial negotiation, the dynamic search for a job, project management, meeting management ;
-with a view to becoming a trainer : the Youth Chamber develops seminars allowing individual members to become familiar with the techniques of animation and management of groups.

Meetings, conferences and debates
The young House is a place where social issues can be addressed : the debt overhang, the changeover to the euro, the development of pedestrian areas in our cities, education and child care, the economic development of our regions, tax reform, communication, are themes that have recently been treated at conferences, debates or the Organization of meetings between citizens and experts of the questions.

The annual meeting of the young room International Madagascar will take place from 24 to the 27 September next in Mahajanga.
"The last convention that took place in Mahajanga was years ago., and we want to repair this injustice and offer our friends and members of JCI the opportunity to spend a pleasant stay in Mahajanga while performing their duty as members of JCI"said Mouna Suleman, the Director of the Commission of the Organization of the Convention. In accordance with the leitmotif of the JCI Mahajanga of this year which is "Trust yourself"., target excellence"and that of the JCI Madagascar which is 'Make a difference '., the OLM Mahajanga members put a point of honour to organize a memorable national convention which will revolve around the tropical theme. 'This year '., We started from the principle of a blocked seminar, and in this vein all activities of the National Assembly will be held at the Zahamotel Hotel. We chose this location for foot structure in water, so that other members can enjoy the Sun, of the sea, fresh air, Finally all Mahajanga has to offer beautiful,"noted Mayet Jouber, President of the OLM Mahajanga 2014. Like every year, training of trainers courses are organized to allow young people who aspire to become trainers of JCI the opportunity of becoming and the training part will take place from 22 to the 23 September. 27th national convention of the JCI Madagascar promises to be memorable because currently it has more than 160 registrants, a record in the history of the JCI Madagascar.

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.


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