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A must-read, not to mention the pages 50 & 51 on theHotel * Gourmet Restaurant #CocoLodgeMajunga

The special issue "Spécial Madagascar" Memento magazine, released a few days ago, aims to detail the climate of in-force business in Madagascar on the eve of the opening of the new President of the Republic. Through the analysis of the situation of each industry or specific sector it appears that during the year 2018 Madagascar's economy, which has managed to maintain a small cruising speed, has been slowed significantly in its development possibilities by the policy that has largely taken over it. So the title of this edition 2019 is she : The economy, hostage to the policy

Good macroeconomic indicators…

The "Special Madagascar" opens its columns on interviews with major international donors that are, for example the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. If the representatives of the Bretton-Woods institutions denounce the fact that the development of the country was not sufficiently inclusive (all social indicators are actually "red."), they insist on the fact that a growth of 5%, inflation under control at 7,7 % or a low rate of debt are all elements that should allow the new rulers of a coherent economic policy.

It should be noted the comments of the Commissioner General for Economic Affairs of the African Union, Victor Harison, who says that with good governance Madagascar could largely without international aid.

…and businesses who thrive in a deleterious climate

The resilience of the Malagasy private sector is immeasurable. Despite a business climate considered, by all international agencies, mediocre or even detestable, many sectors have experienced sustained growth. Dozens of business leaders show their successes and their challenges and expectations which reveals the pages of a specific 'photo' of the actual situation of the Malagasy economy.

Each folder dedicated to a sector or industry starts with a feature article that summarizes in its major issues. Reports on private companies make so sense.

The editors of the "Special Madagascar" insisted on the absolute priority that must be given to agriculture, which offers, for the country, les plus grandes opportunités d’un développement rapide qui pourrait intéresser des millions d’acteurs ruraux.

Le tourisme parmi les filières en vedette

La saison 2018 a été particulièrement bonne pour le secteur tourisme. Bon nombre de contrées ont connu une affluence record : cas de Nosy be, de l’axe est ou bien encore du Boeny. Dans cette région, dont la capitale est Mahajanga, on peut découvrir que des opérateurs ont investi afin de permettre d’en découvrir ses plus beaux attraits. L’hôtel-restaurant Coco Lodge permet ainsi d’accéder aux fameux et merveilleux Tsingy de Namoroka demeurés trop longtemps en dehors des principaux sites touristiques.

Au fil des 120 pages les problèmes récurrents du pays (corruption, déficit des infrastructures, poids de l’informel, manque de qualifications professionnelles…) apparaissent avec un éclairage particulier. Autant de challenges à relever dans les 5 prochaines années pour que le développement du secteur privé ne soit plus entravé par la politique et les défaillances du secteur public.

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