Crisscross the Boeny to bike with Coco Lodge – "The world Devourers" agency, created it about two years ago, offers a bike rental service (but also 4×4) to travel around the big island. She can develop the card circuits or well-oiled journeys. The North-West coast of Madagascar, including the Boeny region, offers hundreds of very little explored sites. The travel bike is a new approach that will delight lovers of authentic adventures.

First attraction, the Red Circus

The Boeny region is one of the most visited areas of the big island. Located at the mouth of the river named Betsiboka, Majunga, former fishing port which embraces the Mozambique Channel, is a cosmopolitan city. Even today, This capital of the Boeny region based its economy on fishing and maritime trade. The plain of the Betsiboka, fertile, is suitable for agriculture. Tourism is developing. Each year, thousands of national and international tourists flock in droves around the southern winter (July / August). Indeed, the climate remains mild and pleasant even in winter. In addition, This period is dry and without risk of tropical storms.

One of the sites available to bike is Red Circus located in 12 km north of Mahajanga on the road to the airport. To achieve this, It must pass through the road leading to the beach of the Grand Pavois. Since 2010, This site is rated protected national heritage. And as for many protected areas, each visitor must pay an entry fee. For the national, This right is of 500Ar and 5 000AR for foreign visitors. Red Circus is a natural site that is formed there 1,8 million years ago and extends over an area of 40 HA. It is a canyon that presents a lunar landscape. The time seems to stop in this landscape of peaks and ridges in the colours red, ochre and pastel (White, greenish, dews…). The site is little busy by vegetation, but there are Palm trees, "Ravinala" (tree of the traveller) and small shrubs. Sources of fresh water and panoramic sites embellished these places where it is advisable to come and admire the famous sunset of the Red Circus : While the sun sets into the sea, the canyon is literally ablaze. The return of the Red Circus, It is possible to walk along the coast to reach the beautiful beaches of Amborovy or the Grand Pavois still little traffic (with the exception of the weekend or holidays).

The Anjohibe caves and their multiple natural sites

Located at approximately 80 km from Mahajanga, the caves of Anjohibe are also to discover essential. The bike is an ideal way to get there : After about 20 km on the national road to Antananarivo take the Mahajamba Bay management, further north. This track, of approximately 60 km, is passable only in the dry season from April to October. Count 3 at 4: 00 trip. Let's go, You can see cashew plantations (cashew). In the vicinity of the caves, It is interesting to observe the lemurs of the forest station. The tracks are sometimes labyrinthine and so it is best to go with a guide or companion who knows perfectly the route. The Interior of the caves is a series of dark rooms (some skylights) and tunnels (According to the specialists, mazes on around 11 km). The speleologists from around the world come to visit them. A powerful torch is recommended to be able to admire the Rockies forms (some stalagmites that can exceed 10 m of height sometimes). The site still offers a lot of possibilities. In addition to the visit to the caves and the rise of the underground river, There is a beautiful natural swimming pool nearby and the waterfalls of the Mahafanina known to be an ideal place for picnic. Down the stream until the mangrove, hike to the village of fishermen specialized in the collection of the crabs, or navigate by canoe are all activities that leave lasting memories.

The city of Mahajanga, It is easy to reach the Bay of beaches to admire dozens of islets that dot the mouth of the Betsiboka. Special glowing color of the estuary, due to erosion, is surprising. We can surprise is some species of birds amongst the 60 identified with the sacred ibis. Ideal for lovers of Ornithology. Complemented by a passage on the West Bank of the Betsiboka and the discovery of a small forest populated by lemurs.

From Antananarivo to the discovery of the fantastic region of Boeny/Mahajanga

For lovers of adventure and sensations, opt for the bike rental is the way to be closer to nature, While browsing through large distances. The Devourers of worlds offer good brands bikes that can be rented by the day or over several days from Antananarivo (South of the capital at the start of the RN7). A reliable motorcycle, easy to use, easy to repair, in order to offer a wide range of possibilities : roads, tracks trucks, "mud bath.", Sandy Beach… These bikes are everywhere and this, without necessary assistance. The Agency prioritizes "adventure in autonomy.. The customer can establish itself its route.

Madagascar is a huge adventure playground, ideal for backpackers looking for little frequented countries having kept all their authenticity. For the less energetic, local professionals offer comfortable services and secure in order to discover the attractions of first importance. In the Boeny, the Tour operator 'Coco Lodge Majunga' makes available a fleet of 4×4 air-conditioned with driver-guides. This makes it possible to discover the day, In addition to the Red Circus and the lands already described, the sacred of Magatsa Lake, Antsanitia and its infinite beaches or the Ankarafantsika National Park.

Majunga beyond, from Katsepy (1 hour 30 crossing by ferry), exceptional sites are waiting for you with the Mahavoky Kinkony complex, the Bay of Baly and the magnificent tsingy of Namoroka. Attention, to validate these tours well in advance to make them possible (complete required for bivouacs logistics, meals, …).

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