The Malagasy caviar is exported and is eaten to Coco Lodge Majunga

Madagascar is an island full of resources for food lovers, well-known for its spices. Recently, the island produces caviar. Acipenser Madagascar, the first farm of sturgeon in the Indian Ocean has managed the project to raise sturgeon. En 2018, After getting their license, the farm began its export of caviar. The "Rova Caviar of Madagascar" brand has made its entry into the world of international gastronomy.

The Hotel * gourmet RESTAURANT Coco Lodge Majunga has discovered this delicious caviar to its customers on the occasion of the new year's Eve and is offering again tonight for Valentine's dinner 😊 😊.

Sturgeon farming : a huge project

Madagascar has no endemic species of sturgeon. However, It is possible to reproduce the conditions of life of these freshwater fish (living in freshwater) in Malagasy waters. By the way, everything lends itself wonderfully well judging by what Acipenser Madagascar has achieved so far. The site is located in an area of 6 ha, in the town of Ambatolaona, about an hour and a half of Antananarivo. The peculiarity of the region: Lake Mantasoa, an artificial lake where Jean Laborde (1805-1878) had installed metal workshops. The huge water tank covering about 2,000 ha also has the effect of regulating the course of the river Ikopa. The production of Acipenser Madagascar site located on the banks of this Lake. Farms in pools or lakes to usually a water source, pesticide-free, constantly recycled, with the temperature between 15 and 18 degrees. Acipenser Madagascar has a CITES permit (Convention on the International trade of species of fauna and wild flora endangered) for a production according to the international rules. Fertilized eggs are imported from Europe and incubation in the farm facilities. The large basins in which sturgeon evolve are shaped cut rubble, to make the site as authentic and natural as possible. The farm also has a processing plant certified to European standards to prepare the "Caviar of Madagascar Rova".

It took a significant financial investment and a lot of patience because it takes an average 7 years in order to collect eggs, on the species of sturgeons produced by the farm. To produce the first caviar from the African continent, It took invest several million euros, a lot of patience, of work and perseverance. The activity can be profitable in a decade.

The Caviar of Madagascar Rova, a product of exception at competitive price

The Acipenser Madagascar farm raises 5 species of sturgeon, which theAcipenser Baeri said Siberian sturgeon. Then there is theAcipenser Gueldenstaedtii (Russian sturgeon) and theAcipenser Nudiventris says 'naked belly.. These are two species that will differentiate the brand, but not as much as theAcipenser Persicus, an endangered species, very difficult to raise. Another species that will make the reputation of Madagascar, especially in 2025 when the first caviar will be produced: the huge beluga or HusoHuso. Furthermore, taste, the Malagasy caviar could meet prestigious consumers and large renowned tables. On the Russian market, caviar contains high levels of salt, but the market has changed and consumers now prefer a caviar with a creamy taste to the aromas of hazelnut. Among the prestigious chefs who already have the praise of this caviar are Pierre Gagnaire, famous star chef, and Kelly Ravelomanana, the first African leader to have integrated the Culinary Academy of France.

The first kilos of the "Rova Caviar of Madagascar" have been exported to Mauritius and Europe via the Petrossian House in December 2018. Malagasy caviar was first distributed in the local market which seemed essential for the leaders of the farm. The local price of a kilo is around €700 in Madagascar, against €2 400 in Europe.

The ambition of the founders is to value the place of Madagascar on the world stage of high gastronomy. The "Rova Caviar of Madagascar" is now part of the richness of the authentically Malagasy products, Thanks to Acipenser Madagascar. This could encourage tourists to travel to Madagascar to taste, at the source, This luxury product. If success is the appointment, in the next years, Madagascar was assigned the title of third largest world producer of caviar.

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