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Spread of the Omicron variant

Spread of the Omicron variant

Spread of the Omicron variant

Following the spread of the Omicron variant, France has updated its list of green countries, orange and red.

The 7 Southern African countries affected by the suspension of arrivals in France for 48 hours join the red list, as Chile turns from green to orange.

On the other hand, Madagascar is not concerned, and remains in the list of “Orange” countries.

The new variant called “Omicron”

Scientists have just detected a new variant of covid-19 that threatens southern Africa and the world.

This is the B1.529 variant. Aggressive, this new “hyper mutated” variant is particularly more contagious than the delta variant. South Africa is currently experiencing an outbreak of the coronavirus disease with more than 80% contamination with this new variant.

Scientists fear increased capacity but also that the variant bypasses the immune system. An emergency WHO meeting was held following the detection of this new variant. According to, the new variant emerged in South Africa around the 10 November.

For British countries and as a precaution, they announced the suspension of flights from six African countries including South Africa, namibia, Lesotho, In Swat, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

For Madagascar which has reopened its borders and like other countries, the entry of the virus into the territory cannot be ignored. La menace plane. The decision in the Council of Ministers on 17 November has already taken the lead in suspending flights with Mauritius from 27 November.

France : Classification of countries based on health indicators (to the 29/11/2021)

  • "green" countries : countries and territories in which no active circulation of the virus is observed and no variants of concern are identified. These are the countries of the European area, plus Saudi Arabia, argentina, australia, Bahrain, the Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, New Zealand, qatar, and Rwanda, the Senegal, Taiwan, Union of Comoros, l’Uruguay, Vanuatu.
  • Pays « oranges » : countries in which there is active circulation of the virus in controlled proportions, without dissemination of variants of concern. These are all countries not included in the lists of "green" and "red" countries..
  • “red” countries : countries in which active circulation of the virus is observed with the presence of variants of concern. These are the following countries : Afghanistan, South Africa, Belarus, Botswana, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, In Swat, Georgia, Lesotho, Moldova, Montenegro, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Suriname, Turkey, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

Neither the Omicron variant, neither the Delta variant is still present in Madagascar

So far, no case of the Delta variant, neither that of the Omicron variant has been detected in the country.

The last flight between Mauritius and Madagascar took place on 27 last November. For flights from other countries, They haven't made a decision yet..

From the Ministry of Health, they announced thatno case of coronavirus contaminated by the new variant has been recorded in the territory. The country has sequencing equipment to detect new forms of coronavirus.

The results of the swabs indicated that the source virus of the new cases is not that of the delta variant. The means of precaution do not change, according to the ministry. “The strategies for coping with the disease remain the same for the delta variant, as well as the new variant in South Africa. They will strengthen control at airport level as well as respect for barrier gestures. The treatment of the disease is similar regardless of the form of Covid-19 ", indicates the DGMP. And they have reinforced the vaccination strategy with the population.

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