Navigate to Mahajanga on the schooner Nofy Be

The Agency "Detours Madagascar." organizes a migration cruise from Morondava to destination Majunga, on board a magnificent schooner. The departure will be provided the 5 May 2019, for 10 days aboard the "Nofy be.", to fully appreciate the Malagasy West Coast to the city of flowers.

This genuine sea journey that will travel the Mozambique Channel, will be carried out with a crew Vezo, These fishermen of the South who are excellent browsers. The schooner has retained the characteristic traditional style lands populated these welcoming "sea men".. Fully furnished it can carry at least 6 passengers with a good comfort.

10 days of adventures and new discoveries

This cruise between Morondava and Mahajanga has long days of navigation and may sometimes be subject to somewhat turbulent weather conditions. She is more reserved to people accustomed to sailing and not prone to seasickness. A journey "adventure" which is committed to providing an incredible experience and unique landscapes. The first day, boarding will take place in the clubhouse Nofy Be pontoon, in Morondava. The sails will be lifted at high tide. First direction, the archipelago of the Barren North which are small islands inhabited by nomadic fishermen. Up gradually towards the Boeny region, passengers will be able to go fishing, the snorkelling, listen to Malagasy music and enjoy delicious and typical meal. All along the journey, the marine sunsets are must-see shows. After exploration of archipelagos, stops around small islands scattered in the vicinity of Maintirano, to the 6th or 7th day, the crew will rise the Manongosoa River until Besalampy. On the course, isolated areas of the world can be observed and experienced in details. On the banks, with a beautiful flora and fauna including a few crocodiles, resident good number of fishermen. A stopover for resupply is scheduled in Besalampy: visit this small town accessible only by sea. The 8th day, a trip to the Cape Saint André, with its long white sandy beaches and the village of Vilamantsa. To the 9th day, the schooner will reach the Bay of Baly, a National Park unique in the world which is home to the endemic Angonoka, a turtle that doesn't come out of the borders of Soalala, also called Astrochelys yniphora or turtle to spur. Among other rare animals there is also the freshwater turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis), as well as the Dugong.

Arrived, There is still much to discover

Around the 10th or 11th day, arrival at Majunga to Nosy Makamby. Passengers will then land in one of the largest port cities of Madagascar. With its colonial buildings and mosques, the city of the flowers is revealed in all its glory. Tour operators are implanted hotels of charm in the image of the hotel & gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge who can organize trips through the Boeny region in order to complete the cruise.

The approach offered by "Détours Madagascar" completely renewed design of travel to reach the Boeny passing through the Mozambique Channel, a splendid boat. Highly recommend to all those who dream of wide open spaces and incomparable discoveries.


  1. faustin fittante

    Super adventure discovery , I keep your details under the elbow , for the month of may , I am too short in time , but j’ I very much want to be part of this cruise , keep informed of your future out month , Thank you , My Email : faustinfittante

    Kind regards

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