A Word from the Chairman of the national agency of tourism of Madagascar ONTM Boda Narijao

The year 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of the creation of the National Office of tourism of Madagascar (ONTM). Recognized private Association of public utility, the ONTM has, reminder, main mission is the promotion of the destination Madagascar on a basis of partnership between the State and the private sector and to enhance the image of Madagascar on foreign markets.

This anniversary is an opportunity to take stock of a long journey enamelled always overcome trials. Indeed, Despite a low annual budget dedicated to the promotion of 300.000 EUR, compared to the nearby islands (greater than 10 million euros to Mauritius for example), the promotion actions have enabled to see grow steadily the number of arrivals of the order of 10 to 15% each year during these 15 years. Nevertheless, This growth has been intermittently NET falls during periods of political instability or various adventures, inducing only in 2018, the number of arrivals of non-residents is estimated at 250.000.

To address these challenges, We seized opportunities of changes and upheavals of the tourism industry to evolve and reinvent themselves, in order to ensure that Madagascar still exists on the world tourism map. Besides the classic participations in fairs and organization of press trip, promotion has been the subject of several innovations, including the creation of this magazine entirely dedicated to tourism "Info tourism Madagascar." (enhancing the evolution of supply), the launch of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar (ITM) to which 100 international agencies is invited each year since 8 years or the regular updating of the sales manual for professionals.

Furthermore, the ONTM has incorporated into its strategy for promoting digital platforms, which have today become the main windows of the Madagascar destination. Sites responsives, social networks declined in several languages and targeting several markets, the digital turn is effective within our Organization since 2016, year of launch of the new branding of the destination "Madagascar.", Treasure Island". So many innovations that have been carried out with the assistance of our partners since 15 years, in particular the French Development Agency, the World Bank (PPIC, PE3), the European Union (CDE, PROCOM) and Air Madagascar, not to mention UNICEF, the Ministry of tourism, Air France, Conservation International…

And as we look to the future, We are pleased that the 15 years of the ONTM coincide with the election of a new President for 5 years. The latter programme the launch of major tourism projects such as the construction of luxury hotels, all inclusive hotels and marina, from here 2021 in the big island. With the goal of doubling the number of arrivals from here 2023, either 500 000 tourists. To achieve these projects, the new head of the State program provides strong measures, to address both challenges in terms of accessibility (air, Sea and land) of the supply of essential services such as energy. Not to mention the incentives and the strengthening of the security of investment, in order to attract the major hotel brands in the big island.

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