World day without Facebook by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.

A day that has been proposed on Facebook to dispense Facebook one day in the year …
We have all seen ! The interest of the day ? According to its promoters, It would be to combat cyber addiction addiction, protest against the intrusion of the pubs who pass for information (to believe that they do not know Google…)

WORLD day - Sunday 28 February, It is the world day without Facebook. To get rid of this modern drug, a handful of diehard decided to wean the world by boycotting walls, statutes and other “I love” during 24 hours.
Every day, 10 billion messages travel the world via Facebook, 1,8 million of “I love” are distributed every minute, and 4.100 articles are shared every second. You have Vertigo ? Proponents of the world day without Facebook also.

Facebook, new drug
Sunday 28 February for the sixth consecutive year, the 1,59 billion users worldwide (nearly a quarter of the world's population) are asked to turn off their computer and move away from the social network. Although this initiative is every year a huge blunder (as revealed by the created event … on Facebook), its promoters wanted to denounce the risks of dependency to the social network.

To prevent panic attacks, the anguish and other spasms, We decided to give you a few tricks to support this dreary day, dull and without “I love”.
So here is 7 things that you can do Sunday without the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, but in real life.

⇒ You can tag the wall of your peeps
⇒ Comment about what they are doing
⇒ You can also poke fingers in your friends (the translation of “to poke”, did you know ?)
⇒ And share moments of exception with your loved ones (avoid fountains, When even)
⇒ Send and receive messages
⇒ You can create an event with your contacts, with ease
⇒ Or make a cat's head, a real

And don't worry, as of Monday you will find your beloved white S on a blue background …

This tool of “communication” prevents to talk at home, in couples, and prevents people to meet.

Junkies are more interested in their screen than by a genuine exchange in flesh and bones.
To facebookv junkies : you create a virtual company, return to basics, Let real life do not disappear, for you and your entourage, everyone is responsible for.
It is not only more to use, but to be in moderately …

A day without Facebook is unthinkable for me who am deaf deep
because it would be a day dead without possibility of Exchange, a day in the prison for the deaf.
It's a day help detoxify hearing who are drowned in too many information for them, but for us it is vital Facebook !

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.

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