Cetamada is also in Majunga where whales like to meet.

We are the 19 February is the international day of the whale and we can't talk about whales without talking of Madagascar and so Cetamada https://www.cetamada.org/https://www.facebook.com/cetamada?fref=ts

Cetamada is a Malagasy law non-profit association founded in may 2009.

Their goal is the preservation of the populations of marine mammals and their habitat in Madagascar. By involving local people in its actions, the association is committed to a sustainable development approach. Cetamada support the implementation of economic activities around marine mammals that generate direct income for communities.

Our activities are focused around 4 areas of action :

  • Management and promotion of a sustainable ecotourism
  • Education and awareness of the environment and marine heritage
  • The development of community activities
  • Scientific research

The mission of Cetamada places :

Based in the island of Sainte Marie, to the northeast of Madagascar, the association acts on the whole Malagasy territory, including :
  • Nosy Be
  • Majunga
  • Toliara
  • Fort Dauphin
  • Maroantsetra
  • Mahambo

The association has developed a code of conduct for responsible and respectful of the marine mammals observation (humpback whales, dolphins, …) in Madagascar. This document helps to popularize an interministerial order from 2000 laying down the rules for compliance.

In partnership with the Ministry of tourism of Madagascar, every year the association trained volunteers whose role is to supervise the outputs tourist operators partners of Cetamada, collect scientific data and participate in the community outreach activities.

Education environmental "Ensure the conservation of marine mammals in Madagascar by awareness over the long term."

Fun and appropriate activities are put in place to stimulate the awakening of the consciousness of the young generations and open their minds to the respect for the environment.
Awareness and environmental education are not limited to children. The scientific team speaks regularly at conferences and workshops to present the different marine mammals of Madagascar and issues related to their conservation. Cetamada also seeks its national and international partners so that they participate in these moments of Exchange. These meetings are accessible to public, of the curious tourist to learn about local biodiversity to the Malagasy student wishing to work towards respect for biodiversity and the environment.

Community activities "Of whales...".. and men.

Cetamada is committed to supporting the development of economic activities around marine mammals of Madagascar, in particular the humpback whales.

The community association to Holy Mary Centre freely those who wish to be trained in the techniques of local crafts or improve their know-how. Material is made available and artisans can expose their work of sewing, sculpture, painting, braiding, etc.
Cetamada tourist eco partners also reserve a space in their structures to expose these products.

Scientific research "Know to better protect."

Aware of the need to protect marine mammals of Madagascar and their habitat, Cetamada is committed to developing the collection of scientific data in the sanctuary of the Indian Ocean. It invests particularly in tracking of humpback whales migrating around the 5 600 km of coastline.

The techniques used :

  • The photo - identification
  • Acoustic recording
  • Genetic samples
  • The installation of satellite beacons
  • The behavioral study
  • Maritime and aerial transects

As part of a programme of participatory science, Cetamada is the first association non-profit Indian Ocean have put online a database allowing the pooling and management of scientific data on whales in this region : www.cetanet.org.

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