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Barea - top of the rankings

Barea – top of the rankings

Barea – top of the rankings

Barea – top of the standings for CAN qualification 2021. Alefa Barea ! Alefa Madagascar !

Monday 12 October 2020, The Barea of Madagascar scored a goal against Burkina Faso. And the latter scored two. The Barea lost. However, they have shown that they can always be competitive, even in the absence of several senior players. Actually, however, the match was balanced as a whole. They have shown that they are always competitive and have high hopes.

Barea – top of the rankings

The Barea of Madagascar will face Ivory Coast in a return match on 14 November. But for now, they are leading the standings of the CAN playoff games 2021.

Indeed, provisional ranking for qualification to the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2021 puts the Barea of Madagascar at the top of the list.

The malagasy team, with six points, ahead of Ethiopia. Members of Group K, Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger and Madagascar have been fighting each other since the end of the year 2019. And they will continue until March 2021 for playoff games.

According to the predictions, Madagascar would need only four points to qualify for the CAN. In other words, Abel Anicet's team would need to win once and draw.

Provisional ranking

Here's the provisional BAREA ranking, CAN playoff match 2021 Cameroon, announced by the Malagasy Football Federation : Group K : Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, Madagascar, Ethiopia.

  • Day 1 (11 to the 19 November 2019) :

– Ivory Coast vs Niger : 1-0

-Madagascar vs Ethiopia : 1-0

  • Day 2 (11 to the 19 November 2019) :

-Niger vs Madagascar : 2-6

-Ethiopia vs Ivory Coast : 2-1

  • Day 3 (9 to the 17 November 2020) :

-Ivory Coast vs Madagascar

-Niger vs Ethiopia

  • Day 4 (9 to the 17 November 2020) :

-Madagascar vs Ivory Coast

-Ethiopia vs Niger

  • Day 5 (22 to the 30 March 2021) :

-Niger vs Ivory Coast

-Ethiopia vs Madagascar

  • Day 6 (22 to the 30 March 2021) :

-Madagascar vs Niger

-Ivory Coast vs Ethiopia

"Barea, a selection that makes the greats of Africa dread"

The Barea of Madagascar continues to climb the ranks of the FIFA rankings of the best African selections.

Integrating the Top 20 African, with several absentees, is a global recognition of our national team. It is simply the fruit of Nicolas Dupuis's work, its staff and the players that Madagascar Football would like to salute on behalf of the 25 millions of malagasy who constantly follow their national team with admiration and pride.

"I've rarely seen a group that lives so well, with such complicity between all the players," Sylvio Ouasserio said in an interview.

Barea from Madagascar

In his article on Madagascar Football, Dany RAKOTOARIMALALA tells us that : "The two friendlies played during this October's training camp, above all, to integrate the new ones and familiarize them in the Barea game system so that they can create automation in the game. »

"The goal has been achieved and the coach is already focused on the double showdown with Côte d'Ivoire scheduled for next November. »

"All the lights are green and Madagascar is clearly on track for a second consecutive qualification to The most prestigious African football competition, Africa Cup of Nations (CAN). »

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