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Long live King Jaojoby !

Long live King Jaojoby !

Long live King Jaojoby !

Long live King Jaojoby ! The "Commander, King and unconditional lover of Malagasy culture"

For his 50-year career, unrivalled charisma,respected and admired by all,Jaojoby Eusèbe is honored in the most beautiful way.

For half a century now, Jaojoby stands out as a sacred monster on the national and international cultural scene. Always so humble, but also of great pride for his musical career more than unifying and exceptional.

"Commander of the National Order"

A man of value, who also knows how to promote the values of this music that is the "Salegy" on the international scene. Il représente tout ce qu’il y a de plus valeureux pour la culture malagasy.

Thus, "Commander" is now a well-deserved title for the man who was proudly named "King of salegy". With its own energy, it's from the top of his 65 years that Jaojoby continues to enchant through this kind of typical Big Island that he made his own. He has made the Malagasy cultural scene his playground for fifty beautiful years.

The Minister of Communication and Culture, Lalatiana Andriantongarivo surprised her glorious elder and elevated her to the rank of "Commander of the National Order".

"I'm more than delighted, but above all I am very proud that my value and that of my music are recognized in this way. Far beyond being a consecration for me and my career, it is above all a consecration for this music that I love so much, Salegy » says Jaojoby in an interview with the team of L'Express de Madagascar.

Symbol of unity, solidarity and fraternity

He was a 11 October 1970 in the city of Antsiranana, a young boy then discovers himself to the public and without knowing too much at that time, he began a musical journey that would turn his life upside down.

Jaojoby, alone, illustrates throughout this half-century career that he undertook, a real revolution in the national musical landscape. Proud flag bearer of Madagascar wherever it happened, almost on all five continents, it also symbolizes unity, solidarity and fraternity malagasy.

"The melodies of joy and joy also, Salegy fully deserves this recognition that is attributed to it" Jaojoby points out.

The King of Salegy has literally removed cultural barriers between regions through his music. Pioneer of the genre, it's because of him, that the so-called "tropical" category currently reigns on the national music scene.

Un roi et non un chevalier

Legend has it that King Arthur was the one who was loved by his people, armed with his Sword Excalibur. While the knight Lancelot, strong of his bravery and fidelity, watched only over the king.

Qu’on se le dise, the same is true of King Jaojoby 2teced, which with its timeless "Salegy" unites millions of music lovers. "I am a king and not a knight ! » he reminds us by anecdotally referring to the episode of this official ceremony in 2017. That was when he was promoted to the rank of "Knight of the National Order" instead of "Commander of the National Order".

Because Jaojoby is also that. A strong character with which he imposes himself and which vividly transcribes his commitment to the promotion of culture. His charisma is thus matched only by his dedication to properly valuing his talent.

“Aoe !”

This famous 11 October, it was expected that he would famous it in Antsiranana, unfortunately this did not happen. But it still refines a great event for an equally historic date. This 14 October, Jaojoby will be on stage at Libertalia Park for an exclusive concert, also marking his great comeback. Not falling asleep on his laurels, the king also admits to fine-tuning a new album in accordance with his jubilee, in a nutshell "Aoe ! ».

(Source : A. P. Rakotondrazaka - The Madagascar Express 13 October 2020)

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And we welcome efforts to promote the development of Malagasy culture.

Long live King Jaojoby ! #Aoe !

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