Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Discovering the caves of Anjohibe

Discovering the caves of Anjohibe

Discovering the caves of Anjohibe

Have you ever heard of it? ? Certainly yes, if you are in love with Majunga and adventures. Anjohibe Caves is a tourist site not to be missed when you are in the area.

Coco Lodge Tour Operator will be delighted to help you discover this unique wonder in the world..

Let’s discover the Antanamarina complex (Anjohibe)

Located in 80 km from Majunga city center, the path that leads to the Anjohibe caves is in itself an adventure full : about three hours of “secondary” road. To get there, departing from Majunga, take the N4, direction Ambalakida.

Next stop : the commune of Mariarano which surely includes the best tourist sites of the region : Mahafanina falls, the beautiful natural pools and especially the Anjohibe caves.

But before you get there, you will have the chance to admire some wonders of nature like the “cement bridge”, where there is a small natural swimming pool. It is a much admired picnic spot..

And then the caves ?

Once arrived at Anjohibe, the first question that arises is : where lies the famous caves ?

It is true that the entry does not mine pay. And as it does y no indication, you will have little chance of finding an entry without a guide.

You should know that the Andranoboka caves occupy two hills approximately two kilometers apart., where multitudes of entrances open, but the busiest entry remains the northeastern. This side, the development of the cavity is of approximately 5 330 m and the total height difference is of approximately 40 m.

Anyway, without guide, it is strongly advised not to venture into these galleries which are real labyrinths... You should know that Anjohibe is a network of around ten kilometers made up of more than a hundred galleries. Rest assured though, you will never have the chance to see all of these galleries, many still remain unexplored and many cavities are still awaiting their first visit.

The most important speleological site in Madagascar

The caves represent a network of interconnecting rooms over several kilometers : numerous limestone concretions forming imposing stalactites and stalagmites that can exceed 10m in height.

In any case, Once indoors, the first word that will come to mind is “grandiose” : It is not surprising that the cavities of Anjohibe are considered the most beautiful of the big island. Finally, last curiosity but not of the least : a quick glance at the “ceiling” sometimes has little surprises in store for you, Indeed, this is often the place chosen by bats for shelter. At first glance, it looks like small black spots on the limestone. But to see more closely in the light of the burned satrana, we can clearly see a “dormitory” of a few colonies of tightly held bats, completely insensitive to the passage of the visitors.

There are still other wonders to explore in the area...

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