As part of the promotion of the tourism sector, the first edition of Wave Madagascar, International Forum for Investments in Tourism and Transport Malagasy, was launched. To achieve the goals set and make them a real lever for development, The state must create a business climate that is favourable to investment.

Wave Madagascar, a promising first edition will be held 17 to the 20 September in Antananarivo and will be presented under the theme "Discover Madagascar's full potential ». This initiative comes from the Presidency of the Republic under the tutelage of the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and meteorology. In its development policy, The President of the Republic intends to pay particular attention to this potential sector for rapid growth (with a foreign exchange inflow that could reach up to 600 million euros per year) but insufficiently exploited.

The State sets itself the objective of making tourism an essential lever for economic development while taking into account the various infrastructure constraints, capacity and accessibility, as well as in the regulatory tax framework that is not conducive to investment.. The Wave Madagascar event will therefore be a great opportunity for key players to discuss the topics and see together the improvements to be made while starting discussions on possible partnerships and collaborations.. .

Opening up to investors

A forum to unveil Madagascar's full potential for future investments in Tourism and Transport will be on the agenda. 500 participants are expected to include investors, international and national operators as well as students in the tourism sector. « Tourism is one of the country's economic pillars. And to achieve our goals, we have set ourselves five strategic axes: diversification of supply, the development of infrastructure, the development of national tourism, integration of transport in the service of tourism and open sky. The forum will therefore be the main milestone that will allow us to carry out the various actions related to it », stresses Minister Joel Randriamandranto.

Fifty business opportunities to seize

For this first edition, Wave Madagascar forum programming will review, through technical and economic panels, programmes and instruments deployed by the various stakeholders of the Malagasy public service in order to make the tourism and transport sector more attractive and optimal for investment. The forum will be a meeting point for investors, business owners (dont une vingtaine a déjà présenté au ministère leur projet sur l’hôtellerie et la restauration), les opérateurs touristiques et les bailleurs de fonds. More than 50 opportunités d’affaires seront présentées pour cette édition 2019.

Une belle occasion de visiter

Les deux derniers jours seront dédiés aux « visites de sites » afin de permettre aux participants de constater de visu les sites faisant l’objet d’appel à investissement. Wave Madagascar, une première édition prometteuse permettra, aux opérateurs et investisseurs mais également aux visiteurs de découvrir la beauté et les richesses de Madagascar. Il reste à améliorer le climat des affaires pour un environnement propice aux investissements. Madagascar ambitionne à moyen terme de franchir le cap de 500.000 touristes étrangers en dynamisant le secteur des transports et des infrastructures. A long terme, il serait possible de fixer l’objectif de devenir incontournable sur la carte du tourisme mondial.

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