La cuisine moderne malgache se marie avec l’architecture.

When the modern kitchen hand meets architecture“, This will be the name of the culinary event signed by Chief Andry Nath Randrianasolo, which will take place in the capital of the 5 to the 8 September 2019 Home of the Architecture Ambatonakanga.  Madagascar is a country that has some young talent which some then become masters in their art. Case of the Chief Andry Nath Randrianasolo which will address an approach unusual cuisine by combining products from the Malagasy region to the modern kitchen and architectural art geometry.

Une cuisine combinant élégance et architecture.

In collaboration with the Talinjoo Hotel (Fort Dauphin) held by Noely Ratsimiebo (daughter of the famous architect), the event will be a culinary reference in the circle of Malagasy gastronomy. A "fine dining" concept will go, during the presentation of the leader Andry Nath Randrianasolo. 'Fine. ', that is of high quality, elegant and luxury. In this framework, the menu will be in eight services : an entry, a soup, one dessert, a fish, a sorbet (Norman hole), a main course followed by cheese and dessert. The meal will be preceded by an aperitif with appetisers and concludes with a café and its sweets. Furthermore, in honor of the House of Architecture, the dishes will be prepared in order to highlight architectural forms. The dishes will be so well behaved with geometric patterns evoking real sculptures. During the first three days of the gourmet event, the Chief will present 'cuisine '.. A custom kitchen that identifies it in his art. The second day, He will be exhibiting a Malagasy cuisine revisited. The third day will see the development of a combination of these two kitchens.

The Malagasy terroir in the spotlight.

The products used come from all local Malagasy. The head will not fail to highlight the flavors of his country, illustrating his recipes with these Malagasy products to organoleptic qualities. It will sublimate and sweet potato, the gambas, the zebu, the "leafy vegetables mafana., la Caille, le « koba »La Grande Île ne manque pas, Indeed, d’ingrédients pouvant satisfaire les cuisiniers les plus exigeants, depuis les épices, jusqu’aux fruits et légumes en passant par une grande variété de viandes. For example, Madagascar produit depuis des décennies du foie gras n’ayant plus rien à envier à celui des européens. Ce fameux foie gras a gagné en notoriété grâce au savoir-faire de la petite commune de Behenjy (à quelques kilomètres d’Antananarivo) et à son goût subtil, due to the traditional quality of the Malagasy poultry : manually fattened on corn. Another example, the new Malagasy caviar. A caviar from fish farm of Mantasoa (Lake located at 60 km east of the capital) who wants to be 'premium '.. Still, a good number of examples could be cited, like vanilla, coffee and all of the spices that attest to the wealth of the big island in products of excellence.

L’itinéraire très accompli d’un chef.

The head chef left for Munich in 2012 in order to make training at a hotel school, joined later, the Al Pino Restaurant in Munich under the direction of Chief Krauss Maffei, then the Sofitel of the group agreement in the Bavarian capital before chain experiences in restaurants : the Restaurant Reuter Rheda (1 Star in the Michelin guide), The Essence Restaurant Munich (plate of gold to the Michelin guide) and finally, the Restaurant for framework Allianz Deutschland Munich. Initially out of the INTH ((National Institute of tourism and the hotel industry of Antananarivo) en 2009, the Chief Andry Nath Randrianasolo was also trained in sustainable tourism development.

When the modern kitchen hand meets architecture” will be, no doubt, a culinary event of reference in September. An event that is expected to attract national but also international visitors.  This event spot will also demonstrate the talent of Malagasy youth and, Let us remember,  These dishes will be architecture, l’élégance et les produits malgaches au-devant de la scène.

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Rahal Rasolofo

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