Authentic diving village to Majunga. PAGE/GIZ, Program of the German cooperation to support the management of the environment supporting the Ministry of the environment and sustainable development in the protection and sustainable use of natural resources, has invested in the development of responsible community tourism (ongoing training of local people close to protected areas). Initiated in 2017, This program contributes to the reduction of deforestation and increasing income of the households concerned. The program develops community-based tourism products by collaborating with already existing structures of promotion.

Authentic sites

Four pilot sites, chosen for the beauty of their natural landscape, cultural authenticity and will thrive in the local community, feed this unique experience : the village of Mariarano and his typical natural forest of the West, the complex of Antanamarina (second largest network of caves in Africa), the Bio-cultural Antrema site and the rural community of Boanamary (former military fort, fishing villages, transformation of wild silk workshop...). Village associations were created in each site to manage the reception of visitors. Authentic diving village to Majunga

Discoveries for tourists

Hiking in some remarkable landscapes to explore the historical relics and the rich biodiversity, immersion in the daily life of the villagers : craft workshop, typical meals made of local fresh and cooked in good hygienic conditions…

Coco Lodge Majunga, Hotel *., Gourmet restaurant, Tour operator, Rental of 4 × 4 with driver guide and event organizer (conferences, seminars, workshops, lunches/dinners with themes, wedding, anniversary, boy-girl stag). Coco Lodge TO also organizes these circuits on Mahajanga and its surroundings and many others such as the caves of Anjohibe, Ankarafantsika National Park, Sacred Lake, Papamena, Lake Kinkony, Red Circus, the beaches, the Antrema reserve, the lighthouse of Katsepy, …

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