Put the training in line with the need of the market, a target that the INTH. The AFD supports the efforts to be undertaken to further improve skills in the sector. Tourism hospitality, need of qualified personnel from the National Institute of tourism and hospitality (INTH).

The French Development Agency (AFD) and the National Office of tourism of Madagascar (ONTM) conducted a convention signing of funding on the development of the National Institute of tourism and hospitality (INTH), the 3 last July. Funding, with a height of 2 millionfrom EUR, actually allows to strengthen the efforts to modernize the training offered by the INTH in the trades of tourism, hospitality and catering while putting it in line with the needs of professionals in the sector. Indeed, the INTH, In addition to its activities, will provide the initial training of teachers, trainers, Masters of learning and certification, but also the continuous training of the staff of training institutions, of employers and workers in exercise and the initial training by learning path.

For a positive image of the destination

Last year, the number of tourists who have chosen the Madagascar destination less than 300 000 and the goal is to achieve 500 000 tourists in 2020. To do this, the Department, in collaboration with the ONTM and all actors concerned, plans to strengthen the promotion of the Madagascar destination but also to appeal to investors for construction projects of hotel meets the requirements of the tourists. Tourism hospitality, need of qualified personnel, increased to very skilled and qualified personnel needs are already felt in the sector according to the Vice-president of the Board of Directors of the ONTM, Hély Rafik. « As the Agency in charge of promoting tourism in Madagascar, This project is of interest to the ONTM insofar as support for training in the tourism and hospitality sector will lead inevitably to the improvement of the quality of service in tourism in Madagascar, which will facilitate the promotion actions by returning a positive image of the destination », explains this last.

The tourism sector, a pillar of economic development, requires more skilled staff. If large INTH training institutions provide the market need, major hotels will no longer need to use the services of foreign personnel.

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