Tourism : a platform of national consultants

After a year of gestation, the Madagascar engineering tourist association( has been officially established. A nice evening at the invitation of the the Louvre Hotel & Spa, Wednesday, May 22, has allowed the whole office and a few members to meet for its real official launch.

This cross-industry group of experts in tourism development goal is to implement all effective expertise to harmonization and the contribution to the development of Malagasy tourism. Its mission is to enhance and to involve priority national competencies for inclusive and sustainable tourism development in the big island.

The Group intends to ensure that tourism policies and strategies of private owners well take into account the requirements of the market, will respect the expectations of the resident populations and preserve resources for future generations. also intends to participate actively in the development of all policies or strategies of the tourism sector. The Group focuses on three colleges :

  • Specialists of professionalization : specialists in engineering of training and educational engineering, trainers in areas close to tourism including ICT, e tourism…
  • Development guides : lawyers, economists, financial, but also the marketing and communication professionals.
  • Project developers : developers, Architects, specialists in cultural engineering...

These three colleges will be solicited around a project planning and development of tourism in the Sofia region (Ideally located on the Northern circuits / Northwest between Mahajanga and Diego Suarez) who's going to be a real case for this platform.

In this month of June, various public and private agencies and institutions will receive the representatives of

Leading experts to meet local needs will seek, on all occasions, to promote the participation of national consultants in the international tenders, convinced that their contribution can realities and local issues to promote a harmonious development of tourism which will take account.

Members must be residents in Madagascar (without regard to nationality), intervene regularly in the development of tourism in Madagascar and have at least 12 years of experience in their fields of expertise. They must be in good standing with the Malagasy administration.

The members are co-opted after approval of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the contributions paid by members, will charge a percentage of the fees missions carried out by its members and obtained through the platform.

Governed by the Ordinance establishing the general system associations, has the statutes referring and elected its first Board chaired by Andria Raharinosy

3 Vice-Presidents (one by college) : Stefana Sbirkova, Henri r and Frédéric Faure

SG:  NISA Rakotondravohitra– Deputy SG: Marcel Rakotoseheno

Treasurer : Li Mirabelle Kelly

Assistant Treasurer : Haja Rarison

Advisors : Richard Bohan (Communication manager), Diary Henintsoa Andrianampoina (Referent tourism), Irene Andreas (Referral marketing), Philippe-jean Arnou ( Referent HTR), Alain Rajaonah (Referent sustainable tourism & ecotourism).

The is in progress

Coco Lodge Majunga, Hotel *.Gourmet restaurant, Tour operator, Rental of 4 × 4 with driver guide and event organizer (conferences, seminars, workshops, lunches/dinners with themes, wedding, anniversary, boy-girl stag). Coco Lodge TO also organizes these circuits and many others such as the caves of Anjohibe, Park National Ankarafantsika, Sacred Lake, Katsepy lighthouse, …

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