Ankarafantsika immersion in wild Earth

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Located in 115 kilometres to the South West of the city of Mahajanga, the Ankarafantsika National Park is a true mosaic of dense, dry forests sheltering many lakes which are the last refuges of endangered species or endangered. The road to get there is paved and passable year-round so.

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The Park is home to many endemic species

The ideal time to visit the Ankarafantsika National Park is between May and November, especially for lovers of trekking. However, There are less likely to fully discover the beauty of the fauna during this period. The observation of animal species is better during the first part of the wet season, from December to April, when rainfall is still low. We can then observe the 8 lemur species living in the Park, most are easily observable. This includes the Sifaka, of the Ankarana sportive lemur (L. ankaranensis), of the Avahi Microcebus laineuxet. Ankarafantsika is also one of the best birding sites in Madagascar with 129 species whose 75 are endemic. Paradise for amateurs of bucolic shows or "birdwatchers". The reserve also has more of 70 species of reptiles (iguanas, Gecko, chameleons...). In terms of flora, It is mainly composed of dry as plants theAloe, the Pachypodium (or "elephant foot".), the baobabs and the orchids. This diversity attracts researchers in Botany from around the world, but also lovers of natural scenery.

Circuits 'hikes and treks.

Perfect site for backpackers, There are 8 circuits courtsdans Park, some of which may be gathered in a half-day hike. The circuits in the half West of the park pass through dense forests on a sandy plateau and are a can't miss to meet the Sifaka and the birds. Half north of the Park is especially dedicated to fans of breathtaking landscapes. The 5 major rivers and Lakes such as Tsimaloto, Ampijoroa, Antsimalo, Ankomakoma are endemic fish habitat, water birds and crocodiles. The vision of the baobabs and listening to birdsong will brighten the route. The park guides also organise night walks for an hour. Hiking at night are the perfect opportunity to surprise the nocturnal lemurs, which are one of the jewels of Madagascar wildlife.

The site is also a sanctuary of socio-cultural practices of the natives of the area. The population of the area is very heterogeneous and consists mainly of farmers, but the dominant ethnic group is that of "Sakalava..

Different circuits can be covered within the Ankarafantsika National Park with, each, their sets and specific attractions. Site unique in its kind by its contrasting landscapes (canyons, steppes, Lakes, forests, raphiaires, moorlands…), its unique flora and fauna, near Majunga, It is a lighthouse sites and frequent the boeny region. Ankarafantsika National Park is managed by Madagascar National Parks and has an interpretive centre hosting.

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