Miarakap Madagascar : environmental finance. Miarakap, impact investment fund, has launched the 23 Last May his 3th equity participation. Through technical assistance from "Critical Ecosystem Fund Partenership". (CEPF) », Miarakap has invested in the development of Vatel Madagascar, Organization of training in hospitality and tourism.

With, In addition, UNESCO grants, This financial cooperation should lead to, in particular, benefits to the environment through awareness of young students to the issues of the preservation of natural areas.

Prioritize the positive impacts on the nature

Emphasizing a partnership with Miarakap, le CEPF met en place un dispositif innovant d’appui aux organismes privés ayant un impact positif sur la protection de la biodiversité à Madagascar. L’organisme agira ainsi sur trois axes principaux : la mise en œuvre de la stratégie environnementale des fonds, l’identification et le soutien des PME et start-up à fort impact environnemental positif et le plaidoyer auprès du secteur privé sur les sujets environnementaux. Avec un capital de 11,5 billion Ariary, Miarakap s’engage dans une éthique de profits mutuels tout en prévoyant la pérennisation à long terme des actions écologiques. Cela contribuera à l’émergence de jeunes entrepreneurs malgaches responsables.

Intégration professionnelle d’étudiants issus des provinces

Thanks to a grant from UNESCO, Mirakap will also accompany school in the launch of a professional training center hotel, dedicated to students from the Melaky regions (Northwest of Madagascar) and Menabe (West of Madagascar). In addition to student media and training for careers in hospitality, This centre will also provide professional integration of students through direct partnerships with operators in the regions concerned, as Morondava and surrounding. UNESCO is indeed for a long time engaged in a Malagasy with heritage conservation project, for purpose, the implementation of the biodiversity conservation and integrated development of local communities.

Miarakap focuses on structuring projects

Thanks to Miarakap, a lot of SMEs and start-ups can seize the opportunity to develop optimally despite some reluctance. To access the funds, It is sometimes necessary to go through long administrative procedures. The lack of visibility of economic sectors can also undermine the credibility of the project applicant. In addition, the leaders of the companies concerned may fear do not completely control their business (Miarakap holding a percentage of shares, for a limited time, the society in which they invest). Supported businesses must comply 3 criteria : exist on a formal basis, meet all formal obligations and have a beneficial to the country development project. « We encourage young entrepreneurs to approach us. The long-term control is not our goal, which is to help projects deserving to grow and contribute to the economic development of the island. "explained Emmanuel Cotsoyannis, the Director General of Miarakap.

Technical assistance provided by the CEPF, who works in the richest in endemic and endangered areas biologically, permettra à Miarakap de responsabiliser ses actions tout en contribuant à l’essor général d’activités économiques.

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Rahal Rasolofomboahangy

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