Majunga, ville cosmopolite, est une terre qui vit la culture de l’ensemble de sa population. Ville très sûre, très calme et pleine de vie à la fois, Majunga offre un terrain de jeu exceptionnel pour les amateurs d’aventures et de découverte..
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How To Attract More Tourists in Mahajanga – Madagascar

How to attract more tourists in Mahajanga – Madagascar ?

How to attract more tourists in Mahajanga – Madagascar ?

Mahajanga is a city on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Despite these stunning sites to visit, Mahajanga has struggled to attract tourists in recent years. How to attract more tourists in Mahajanga ?

How to attract more tourists in Mahajanga ?

Madagascar is a beautiful island, situated 250 miles off the coast of Mozambique, East Africa.  Nestling just east of the cape of Africa between the diverse cultural cosmopole of Africa, India and the Middle East. Mahajanga is on the northwest coast. Sitting at the mouth of the Betsiboka River, the wide river delta is a mecca for wading birds and wildlife, drawing species from thousands of miles around.

Yet, despite these stunning sites to visit, Mahajanga has struggled to attract tourists in recent years.  A little research into this has shown that more investment into infrastructure and accommodation for visitors are necessairy.

After a long day sightseeing, a modern tourist will return to their accommodation craving their creature comforts. Soft beds, nice views, good food and wi-fi, like we can find at Coco Lodge Hotel★★★ Restaurant Bar Piscine & Tour Operator. Comfort is key when developing a tourist destination. The tourist spots will draw them in, but the comfort of the location will make them stay and return, telling their friends all about their vacation.

Tourists requests

There are a number of features visiting tourists love to have available when they visit :

  • Online booking
  • High-speed Wi-Fi technology
  • Netflix, YouTube and Spotify availability
  • Artificially intelligent technology for comfort
  • Smart maps
  1. Online booking

When searching for somewhere to spend their vacation, even before booking tickets, tourists tend to find a hotel to stay at first. While searching for a hotel, they want something that matches their expected level of luxury. Tourists don’t usually want something similar to their home; they expect more luxury than at home.

To create a good first impression, offer various packages on your website and a quick, efficient way of booking. Room availability, your services, a hotel guide, and a room are a few things that create a good impression on would-be guests.

  1. High-speed Wi-Fi technology

Every tourist has different needs for Wi-Fi, they may need to update friends or family about their safety; some may need to submit some office work, others may need Wi-Fi for research purposes, and some may just require it for entertainment purposes.

One way or another, Wi-Fi is a requirement. Guests will expect fast, reliable Wi-Fi that does not lag. Most tourists want to update social media posts and stories as well.

At Coco Lodge Majunga, we have very high-speed internet access thanks to a TELMA Professional Fiber Optic Gold Key Account contract.

  1. Netflix, YouTube and Spotify availability

When in free time, couples or even families wish to stream movies, watch online documentaries, or stream music. These luxuries will require a quality television in the room, a significant 45–50-inch LED.

These luxuries add up to a perfect package for tourists and ultimately attract more tourists every year, resulting in a rise in the country’s tourism industry.

  1. Artificially intelligent technology for comfort

Provide your occupants with an intelligent room, innovative elevator and intelligent curtains and lights. These smart technologies will ultimately attract tourists to your hotels.

The goal is to make your city uniquely appealing. By providing or installing technologies that are not quite common in other parts of the world, tourists will love Mahajanga. Every site here is worth seeing and enjoying; however, providing luxury hotels and technological advancements would put a cherry on top.

  1. Smart maps

Multimedia Digital Kiosks or digital maps are a great source of information providing and giving your occupants some access. The screen should show a map of all your hotel infographics. It provides a guide about every floor and whereabouts of rooms, swimming place, bar, terrace etc.

By doing so, your occupants feel a sense of independence and security.  Some guests may feel awkward asking for directions. However, they can freely use the digital kiosks to find their way around.

The goal is to establish a sense of trust in tourists by making the most efficient use of the latest technology for the ease and comfort of your occupants. You can also install other luxuries such as a swimming area, play area, bar, beach terrace, bay windows in the room, soundproof rooms, cinema, and a wine cooler. Tourists who stay in your home should be made to feel welcome, at home and able to make memories which last for a lifetime.

By #CocoLodgeMajunga – a dream stage in Madagascar !
We are at the same time a :

  • hotel★★★ with 18 spacious comfortable rooms
  • Restaurant “Gourmand” with a very nice cellar of wines, whiskies, rums and champagnes with a capacity of 60 seats, offering Malagasy, French, Lebanese cuisine and seafood specialties,
  • pool bar with cocktails, “tsakitsaky”, pancakes and waffles available at all hours,
  • An event and conference organizer with 3 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 90 people,
  • travel and tourist services company (License C),
  • tour operator (B license),
  • 4×4 and quad rental company (all geo-located with valid civil liability insurance) and with qualified guide drivers, who can provide all your transfers, for example from Antananarivo airport to Majunga, but also from Nosy Be in Majunga.

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