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World Clean Up Day 2020

World Clean Up Day

World Clean Up Day

Let's go, broom, today it's cleaning. And not just any one, it #8217 is World Cleanup Day (World Clean Up Day).

World Clean Up Day in Majunga

On the occasion of this World Cleanup Day, Boeny's Regional Directorate of Environment and Sustainable Development is organising, this Saturday 19 September 2020, a clean-up session at the beach of the tourist village in Majunga.

L’Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga invites you to come and participate in this great cleanup.

Let's clean up our beautiful beach, just for this day. Picking up flows and waste, especially plastics on the beach are the main goals of this great cleaning session.

This is a very nice initiative taken by DREDD Boeny and the Green Network. Their teams will provide participants with the necessary materials for the work, like garbage bags, …

The general public is invited to this cleaning session. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of participants is limited to one hundred (100) people. And everyone has to wear a mask, and respect barrier gestures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Let's do it, Madagascar !

Also on this day of the 19 September 2020, NGO "let's do it Madagascar" organizes a Webinar about "sustainable entrepreneurship, plastics" from 10 a.m.. Of course, this date was not chosen at random, but on the occasion of this World Cleansing Day.

As part of the plastics campaign on World Day, they organized this session to discuss the subject and share best practices and sustainable solutions to plastics problems.

Madagascar's Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ms Baomiavotse Vohinala RAHARINIRINA, Mr Prosperin TSIALONINA (Consultant at Tsialonina Consulting and client of Coco Lodge Majunga), and Mr Endrehina ANDRIANOMANANA (Founder of Credit Carat) will lead the webinar.

In hundreds of countries, thousands of active citizens are already in the middle of cleaning up. Madagascar, we started this morning in Majunga.

It doesn't matter what your status is, your participation is highly desired. Then, come many ! It is not yet too late.

Where does this World Cleanup Day come from? ?

Despite a very Anglo-Saxon name, it seems that the origin of this day is Estonian. Estonia is a small Baltic country with only 1.3 millions of souls. They are doing something concrete for the planet... A good example for all countries.

World Cleanup Day inspired by the action "Let's Do It! », born in Estonia. This day also promises to become one of the most significant international events among all those that will mark the centenary of this republic.

Let's roll up our sleeves

World Cleanup Day was launched in September 2018 in 150 countries all around the world. For 2020, The date chosen is the 19 September and organizers expect even more participation. Everyone is therefore called, regardless of nationality or place of residence, to roll up their sleeves and join the common effort !

Not only will this strengthen our civic consciousness, but the planet will certainly be much cleaner.

A new practice, plogging

Combining fun and waste collection, it's the idea of this new practice “Sports” which combines running and garbage collection. It could also be called the “useful run” in the form of a nod to the attention of all those who do not understand the pleasure one can have to run.

"Let's do it", all together !

By l’Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand #CocoLodgeMajunga

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