Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Wishes 2018 coconut Lodge Majunga #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Wishes 2018 from Coco Lodge Majunga

All the team of Coco Lodge Majunga wish you, your families, your friends, your loved ones, all who are dear to you, a great year 2018, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and prosperity !
If there are already three here with us in 2018, We can move forward with confidence…

But at the end of the year 2017 and before this new year that waiting for us, I can't help but think about Jacques BREL and his wishes of the 1ER January 1968, There are 50 years, It was on Europe 1 :

"I wish you to endless dreams.
And the desire of furious to make some.
I hope you like what you have to love,
and forget what should be forgotten.
I wish you passions.
I wish you silence.
I wish you songs of birds in the morning,
and the laughter of children.
I wish you to respect the differences of others because the merit and value of each are often to discover
I wish you to resist the stalemate,
the indifference
and the negative virtues of our time.
Finally, I wish you to never give up the search, Adventure, to life, to love,
because life is a great adventure and reasonable person shall not give it up without a fierce battle.
I wish you to be you, proud and happy,
because happiness is our true destiny. »

Thank you Mr. BREL for this beautiful message which has not lost a ride 50 years later !

I wish us all dreaming to no end...

The dream characterized by a set of phenomena occurring during sleep. Human beings humans, as well as some animals, are absorbed by a flood of sensations, images and emotions to the point of giving them the feeling of being awake and to participate in different events. In humans, It stands out of the hallucination and dreaming that, them, are experienced awake.

And I advise you to read or reread this novel by Jacques WERBER 'The sixth sleep' which teaches us so much about dreams and how to best address them, take advantage and especially of course to remember...

The father of Jacques Klein is a browser. He lost his life during a round of the world under sail, While Jacques is only eleven years old. His mother is a doctor studying the sleep. Thanks to its knowledge, It helps his son to control his dreams (to jubjoter as she said) down to the fifth phase of sleep, referred to as paradoxical, where is the imaginary island of pink sand invented by Jacques and his parents. Jacques is a medical student when in the course of an exploration of the sleep experience, towards the Somnus incognita, the human Guinea pig of his mother, a yogi named Akhilesh, dies. This results in the dismissal of Caroline Klein. It disappears the same evening without a trace, and without even telling his son. This last, Twenty-eight years old, learn of Jacques Klein of forty-eight, JK48, He meets on his dream beach of pink sand, that his mother is in grave danger in Malaysia. JK28, After being convinced by his future self hand in the footsteps of his mother and of the tribe of the Senoïs that she is supposed to have joined. He met Frankie Charras, ex-army converted in journalism, who was also on the trail of the Senoïs. He helps Jacques to find the Senoïs, which, driven by deforestation, were forced to take refuge on an island. There, the two French obviously too late because they learn that Caroline Klein has just been murdered by mercenaries in the pay of a tourism company who wants to recover the island where she allowed the Senoïs to flee. After a few twists, where Jacques is notably captured and tortured by Kiambang, the boss of the company. The Senoïs helped the two French reach away for a time mercenaries. But, to ensure a more sustainable security, they decide to sell a part of the island to another company, more respectful of the environment and of the tribes. Jacques married Shambaya, the mistress of dreams and the village chief's daughter, and Frankie, Another Senoi. Renamed Island Pulau Senoi is entrusted to Associated Seirenitis, a Canadian tourism company. Limited to 12 tourists at a hotel is to be built, to explore the blue hole where come to play the dolphins, and participate in training courses of introduction to lucid dreams, area in which Excel the Senoïs, people of the dream. The years pass. The son of James and Shambaya, Icarus, grows. Soon, Jacques is again contacted by his future self on the pink sand island, JK64 this time. He learns from him that his mother is not dead, but is distributed in Paris, where she is again in danger… Jacques joined the capital with his family, leaving the management of the island to Frankie Charras. They arrive at the time where her mother is in crisis of sleepwalking, precariously on the roof of his apartment. Alas, She had a fall which plunges into a coma. Caroline Klein worked at the breast of the Clinic Morpheus, continuing his interrupted research a few years ago, in the company of his former Chief and new companion Éric Giacometti. Contacted by his future self on the pink sand island, He discovers how to get down further than REM sleep, slightly helped by JK64, and the wandering spirits of Voodoo witch he meets in the Noosphere. The Noosphere is a place where more or less meet consciously all minds dreaming of the world. Thus, on the eve of his birthday, He goes to explore the sixth sleep, aided by a mixture of Tetrodotoxin in fugu and Mandrake and Belladonna extract. It accesses the unconscious, materialized in the form of a brain, which it modifies a neuron, Thanks to JK64. They produce so all Aton, which is a kind of Neuron of the unconscious into Klein bottle. She allows him to communicate with his self of the past, the young JK28, by visiting the island of pink sand of it. After waking, he tries, and manages to get his mother out of a coma, making him follow the same dreamlike way that she, helped by the same chemical mixtures.


Strategic, dynamic, persuasive individual with 15 years experience in driving the performance of an ICT Company in the very tough environment of French Speaking African Countries. My main duties were to achieve all the targets in terms of sales, quotas and financial results (BS, P&L, FR, CFM) and be responsible for hiring and managing Human Resources teams. I am a confident, enthusiastic and inspiring individual who would enjoy partaking in areas of management, marketing, logistic, finance analysis, strategy, ISO, HR, etc.