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Madagascan vanilla : Start of the campaign 2021-2022

Madagascan vanilla : Start of the campaign 2021-2022

Madagascan vanilla : Start of the campaign 2021-2022

Madagascan vanilla : Start of the campaign 2021-2022 : With around 70 % of world production, Madagascar has long been the country N° 1 vanilla. It is a fragrant spice that you can taste fresh in the Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga.

Start of the campaign 2021-2022 in Madagascar

As announced in the campaign 2021-2022 vanilla started Thursday in Ambanja. A new campaign marked by price shocks, poster Madagascar Expresse on the front page, on his webpage

Since Thursday 20 may

The date of the 20 May was a long-awaited moment for vanilla planters in the district of Ambanja, because it was the official opening of the vanilla marketing campaign 2021- 2022 in the Diana region, more specifically for the coastal areas of Lower and Upper Sambirano. Decreed by the government in the Council of Ministers, this date, made public, is also formalized by a regional decree on the organization of this campaign.

This campaign was marked by an incident. Just before the start of the campaign, a press release co-signed by the Minister of the Economy, des Finances et du Budget, Richard Randriamandrato and the Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts, Lantosoa Rakotomalala fixing vanilla prices before being canceled disrupted the market.

During his speech marking the official opening of the said campaign, Governor Daodo Arona Marisiky highlighted the importance of establishing a controlled market. Those in order to mitigate the illicit sale and to avoid insecurity. Thus, besides the vanilla planters, many people are also taking advantage of this campaign. Indeed, commercial and economic activities revolve around the controlled market which will last 20 days. It is also a breath of fresh air for hotels which have recorded a considerable occupancy rate after crossing the desert caused by the Covid-19 pandemic..

law of supply

Then, all the players in the vanilla sector have met there to practice the law of supply and demand in a market. Certainly, they gathered in front of the hangar built by the PIC project to hear a series of official speeches. But as soon as we started the marketing procedures, planters and collectors took their respective corners.

One would think that it is the direct producers who benefit the most. But this is not the case. In the majority of cases, thousands of small vanilla growers sell their products green. And you have to know that you have to at least 5 to 6 kg of green vanilla to obtain 1 kg of prepared black vanilla ready for export.


At Ambalahoko, it all started with the public display of samples of mature and punched vanilla pods, price quote follow-up. As in the usual, the sellers are the first to announce their price. They shows a price displayed on a blackboard, already prepared for trade. This time, they offered 200 000 Ariary, a price that does not meet buyer expectations. The reference price published on social networks also caused an effect on the exchange. So an embarrassment on the negotiations. Results, gradually the buyers withdrew. And they didn't even dare to make their proposal until noon on the first day. You could say the market crashed on that first day.

As a matter of fact, planters have no idea what the price of green vanilla will be for this new campaign. And they also fear that the harms of the health crisis in the whole country, only make the situation worse. Brief, despite the holding of the official opening ceremony of the controlled market, the price the official green vanilla price agreed has not yet been set .

However, certain collectors from large corporations, like Bioland came to buy the vanilla at the price of 75 000 Ariary per kilo, during the second day. Gold, according to the explanations, the official price should come out after two weeks at a meeting of the National Vanilla Council.

“We thought of offering them 25 000 Ariary to start the debate. But we decided to do it when we discovered the unaffordable price displayed on the board”. Antony Marco, an agent of a company. And several buyers share this opinion.

Source : Raheriniaina – Madagascar Express – 25/05/2021

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