Johnson Vaccine & Johnson for Madagascar

Johnson Vaccine & Johnson for Madagascar

Johnson Vaccine & Johnson for Madagascar

Johnson Vaccine & Johnson for Madagascar. The Malagasy government has made its choice in its anti-Covid vaccination campaign.

According to the government spokeswoman, Madagascar has already launched procedures for ordering the Jonhson vaccine & Johnson. "This was decided by the government council and the council of ministers", she says.

This is an American vaccine, single-injection, which should facilitate the vaccination campaign. Its method of conservation is suitable for conservation systems in Madagascar.


In a publication of the World Health Organization (WHO), in date of 29 March, it is mentioned that this vaccine represents 85% effectiveness against severe forms Covid-19 and it would be effective at 67% against a symptomatic infection.

On the other hand, this vaccine would prove effective against the South African variant, according to studies conducted by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (wise) WHO.

It is precisely a vaccine that protects against new variants of the virus that Madagascar is looking for. The coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc in this second wave of the epidemic, with the movement of the South African variant, unlike the first wave which seemed to have been less severe.

Orders placed

However, this vaccine is not without risk. U.S. and South Africa just suspended Jonhson vaccination & Johnson, This week. Six people in the United States developed severe cases of blood clots after receiving doses of Jonhson & Johnson.

The vaccine producer is currently studying these cases. "The question is : is there a causal link between thrombosis and the vaccine", wonders a doctor in Madagascar.

Despite these facts, the government wouldn't back down.

To hear from the government spokeswoman, orders are placed. And the doses of Jonhson vaccine & Jonhson are coming.

But "However, we remain vigilant about vaccines", she adds.

She indicated that Madagascar had not opted for the Covax, Astra vaccine- Zeneca is on Madagascar's list of vaccines by launching its order in the Covax mechanism. However, this vaccine has several side effects, according to the minister.

Health professionals, law enforcement and elderly volunteers will receive doses of the first vaccines to arrive in Madagascar.

(Source : The Madagascar Express)

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