A memorable adventure in the Boeny/Mahajanga region

Madagascar is a popular destination for adventurers in search of breathtaking landscape. By browsing this island from North to South and from East to West including the region of Boeny/Mahajanga, You'll discover an idyllic nature and must-see tourist sites.

Emblems of Madagascar, the baobabs will surprise you by their tall and their Majesty. Their ability to drag their roots in the tsingys to the sea to grow and hang their large body is just as fascinating.
Some of them are sacred to people, and receive offerings, Head of zebu, honey and various jewelry.
You can find them with a guide : For good luck, You then wear the traditional sarong, make the turn in the opposite direction of the clockwise and don't point the finger towards them…

A memorable adventure in the region of Boeny/Mahajanga by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge MajUNGA.

Visit to the region of Boeny/Mahajanga and its treasures :

Mahajanga or Majunga is a necessary part of your circuit. It lies to the Northwest of Madagascar, and it is one of the six provinces of the island. Its area is 150 023 km² and its city with the same name is a port city. It is divided into several regions including Boeny, has unique tourist attractions of their kind. During your stay on the island, You can see a travel forum to discover the circuits in the Boeny region.

The national park of Ankarafantsika is a must. Located about 100 kilometres from the city of Majunga, It is a real refuge for rare and endemic wildlife. He is best known for its bird fauna. More than 120 bird species live in the forests dense and dry this natural jewel, among them, the Bald Eagle of Madagascar, commonly named "ankoay" by the local people. You will also observe the lemurs which are the hallmark of the country, including the smallest of them, the individuals. Do not miss to take a picture if you see it.

The caves of Anjohibe and the Papamena Ecolodge. The ecologist is located two hours from Mahajanga track, close to the caves of Anjohibe and reserve of Ankatsabe/Marairano. It spans 10 hectares at the edge of a river to the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Its natural pools and jacuzzis are an invitation to the swimming and relaxing with confidence. Has Papamena of various types of bungalows is nestled in vegetation, or on stilts right on the beach. They are all powered by solar energy, equipped with fans and wide nets to be in harmony with nature while being protected from insects. There is also a bungalow suite, fully modular and transformable in a family bungalow with views of the river. The ecolodge is also the paradise of birds and lemurs who fail to show for your enjoyment. We have listed more than 50 birds on the site, including some rare species such as the Souymanga, which will contribute to the pleasure of the followers of the «» Bird watching ». Their range will surprise you with the development of qualities in fresh dishes, served in our restaurant.

Mahavavy-Kinkony complex. The Mahavavy-Kinkony complex is located in the province of Mahajanga, Boeny region, within the district of Mitsinjo. The complex is composed of several natural habitats : River, River, Bay and forest are the biotope of the Mahavavy-Kinkony complex. With 300 000 HA, It is part of the largest protected areas in Madagascar. It owes its name to the Mahavavy River and Lake Kinkony. Nine primate species, 30 fish species, 37 Herpetofauna species, 133 bird species have been recorded on the wildlife diversity. From the floristic point of view, It has inventoried 246 known floral species in the complex. The site is best known on avian richness, especially in water birds. It is also a place of winter for migratory birds such as flamingos and various terns.

Tsingy of Namoroka/Kinkony. You can do this tour in 4 × 4 air-conditioned, Quad or buggy according to your wishes. It is also possible to mix several types of vehicles in order to vary the pleasures throughout your career. You will be supervised by a team of professionals who will provide guidance, management and logistics. The evening and following the steps, you will be hosted either in simple hotel, be in the camp of superior. You will then sleep on a comfortable mattress in individual tent ; you will also enjoy excellent meals prepared by our Cook and served in the restaurant tent.

Anjajavy Moramba : To the rhythm of the wind, you will follow 180 kilometres of sides blank and varied before reaching the «» Bay Along Malagasy », the jewel of Madagascar. At night you will sleep at anchor, on board (catamaran) or bivouac all comfort on a pristine beach or a deserted island. For the bivouac, you will have individual tents with comfortable mattresses and enjoy delicious meals in our restaurant tent, prepared with care by our Cook. Throughout your journey you will discover the dunes of Namakia, the deserted white sandy beaches, the biggest Red Circus of Madagascar, the steep coast of Anjajavy and the Bay of Moramba with its tsingys emerging, baobabs and Virgin Islands. You can also fish and dive to explore beautiful coral. This journey is reserved for lovers of the sea and nature without constraints of time... You can also in certain steps and options, stay in comfortable hotels or lodges.

Come on, Here we go, to your reservations …

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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