A travel adventure in the Boeny Majunga.

Land of contrast and adventure, Majunga is an ideal destination that will please travelers wanting to get away on a place rich in nature. Indeed, This Madagascan province has a natural heritage that is sure to amaze the lovers of discoveries. The time of a stay on the territory, the tourists will be a hike in the national park of Ankarafantsika. It constitutes a mosaic of dense and dry forests that host a multitude of plant and animal species exceptional. During their getaway in this place, travellers will be able to borrow several circuits to discover these natural treasures. They will find, for example, 8 species of lemurs as well as 129 bird species, which the 75 are endemic. Aside from that, they may see other animals such as chameleons, iguanas, endemic crocodiles and turtles of soft water. To complete their adventure in this protected site, travellers will be the exploration of a few lakes that serve as shelters for various species of fish and crocodiles. They see the Lakes of Tsimaloto, Ampijoroa, Antsimalo and Ankomakoma.

Escape in the Tsingy of Namoroka national park

The Tsingy of Namoroka national park is a site worth visiting during a trip to Majunga. Located in the district of Soalala, This protected area has a surprising panorama of tsingy walls, cellars, canyons and natural pools. To enrich their adventure, the bourlingueurs will explore these amazing geological formations. Apart from this, This site is known for its abundant natural resources. Indeed, This reserve is home to a unique flora and fauna. The Globetrotters are gone, for example, 81 bird species. Namely that the 31 species are endemic to the country. Furthermore, the 23 species can be found in Madagascar and nearby islands. Aside from that, Backpackers will find other species, including 30 reptiles, 5 frogs as well as 16 mammals. These include some lemurs like the ayes-ayes, lemurs at East fork...

Venturing into the beautiful caves of Anjohibe

To perfect their circuit in the province of Mahajanga, the adventurers, particularly speleology lovers can take a tour in the caves of Anjohibe. These are located at 80 km from the city of Majunga, in the town of Mariarano. It is a network of ten kilometers, which is made up of a hundred of galleries. In this place, the Globetrotters will see estates of surprising rooms with ceilings of 30 meters above the ground. They will also find stalactites that form limestone columns, the doodles engraved by visitors, a cup filled with coins, etc.

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