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Testimony of a traveler from France arriving in Madagascar

Testimony of a traveler from France who arrived in Madagascar

Testimony of a traveler from France who arrived in Madagascar

Testimony of a traveler from France who arrived in Madagascar : Eric Andriamanantsara traveled with Air France, yesterday, Friday 23 July, from France going to Madagascar.

He shares his trip and the procedures he had to follow, Since his facebook account. It also gives us more information about who is allowed to enter Madagascar.

Different steps

“So I arrived on the Air France flight this Friday 23 July at 10.10 a.m. instead of the 9.35 a.m. initially announced. Because the plane took off 1 hour late.

The flight went well after the various stages of presentation of the health pass and negative PCR test certificate at Roissy on departure. … »

Aren't the borders closed ?

Eric explains to us.

“First to the question are the borders well closed : Yes, they are. And the entry conditions are stricter than before since the government has tightened them with the arrival of the new delta variant. »

If they are closed, why there are flights ?

« Yes, there are always so-called repatriation flights but not commercial ones. And they are operated by Air France, only company authorized to serve Madagascar.

Air France operates a direct link between Paris and Tana in the 2 meaning. She is currently doing 2 flights per week (Thursdays and Sundays).

It is subject by the Malagasy authorities to only transport 150 maximum passengers per flight it seems (for a Boeing which has a maximum capacity of approximately 300 passages).

Passengers constituted in principle of diplomats, people on mission, … and persons with a compelling reason in particular a death in the family for example). »

How to take Air France flights ?

"To be able to do this, First of all, you have to have a authorization from one of the 4 ministries responsible for meeting every Wednesday to decide in principle on the requests received. Requests to be sent directly online. The ministries concerned are those of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism and National Security.

To know if they have accepted your request, you must contact Air France directly.

And if you're on the list, you can make your reservation and buy your ticket. This is the approach that was imposed on me and that I carried out (I admit complicated). »

And on arrival ?

“On arrival at Ivato, yes you must immediately take the sample for the test PCR (free) – before going to the police station and collecting your luggage. And this even if you are vaccinated and even if you have a negative test certificate at the start. No question of escaping it or escaping the quarantine.

But one thing is good : the test result is fast. (When I came in April, I barely got it in less than 24 hours.) And we call you on the phone to tell you the result. If it's negative, you are told that you can get out of quarantine immediately.

Quarantine must take place at the hotel which you must book before your departure. And to Ivato, you cannot be welcomed other than by the shuttles of your hotel or cars mandated with proof in support by your hotel. No question therefore that you can take a personal or family car.

The many gendarmes and other airport personnel strictly monitor the grain (even more with the fear of the delta variant). And they prevent you from leaving the airport if the hotel car, which appears on a list drawn up by the State, is not present to welcome you.

Here is what I can give you as information.

Good evening and good weekend. »

Testimony of a traveler from France arriving in Madagascar
Photo : Eric Andriamanantsara

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  • 26 July 2021


    Thank you for your sharing,
    But I would like to know, what is the link of the site to make the request to the ministry ?
    Thanks for your feedback

  • 26 July 2021


    Hello I want to know please , i want to go to mada month october so so my ca my wife and my 2 children at the age of 2 years old they are in tana but months I blocked in france is what possible gave me authorization to go to mada the Malagasy state or not spv

  • 29 July 2021


    Hello and thank you for your testimonial..

    What about the trip from Tana to Paris ?

    Who to contact (a child born in France and his gasy mother with a French residence permit from 10 years)

    Thank you in advance for your concern.


  • 29 July 2021


    Hello, so residents can't go home, even married join his wife
    Thank you for your reply

  • 3 August 2021


    Can you tell me How many days after the request should I request from Air France ? I have no idea.
    Thanks in advance