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Stop the bushfires

Stop the bushfires

Stop the bushfires

Huge forest fires have occurred one after the other recently in Madagascar. The latter and its national parks are today prey to flames. Stop the bushfires.

Stop the bushfires

Madagascar, national parks are today prey to flames, notably Marohogo Park, d'Ankarafantsika, the Ankaratra reserve and Baly Bay.

En 2021, more than 4 million hectares of land have been burned. Thus, according to estimates, at this pace, the Malagasy forest could have completely disappeared in 30 years.

The vegetation is dry and it doesn't take much for the fires to start. Especially since the fires respond to ancestral practices for making firewood, slash-and-burn cultivation to make the soil cultivable. All, without counting on poaching...

If some are unaware of what they are doing and look like real bandits, However, there are many for whom it is a simple question of survival. They make charcoal and very often, the fire escapes them due to strong winds and drought…

But how to do it ? The emergency is everywhere, to the East, to the West in the center and at the Baie de Baly reserve in Soalala, 8000 hectares were reduced to ashes a few days ago…

All together to green Madagascar

The future of Madagascar and The Malagasy is based on the renewable natural resources that the country has. Indeed, it takes a mobilization of everyone to save Nature.

The emergence of Madagascar will not happen if our natural capital is destroyed. And destroyed biodiversity must be restored to support a sustainable economy.

Then, we must put an end to all trafficking in natural resources and firmly apply the laws in force in their preventive and repressive aspects. We must also ensure the sustainability of our protected areas and our marine resources. ; this biodiversity is the "infrastructure" that supports our society and our development.

Civil society organizations, public figures, Youth and the media, all the living forces of the nation, we have to act now. Set, protect and restore nature, the foundation of a healthy Malagasy society and a prosperous economy.

It's time to sign a new commitment for nature and for humanity, which will allow us to reverse the curve of the loss of living things by 2030 to ensure a future for 8 billions of people on Earth.

Let's take as an example the hundreds of civilians and soldiers, citizens and leaders who came to Ankazobe district to put out the fires that broke out in the Ambohitantely special reserve. A symbolic mobilization to show national solidarity against forest fires.

The State facing bushfires

The President of the National Assembly, Christine Razanamahasoa asked the Prime Minister to increase the budget allocated to the fight against bush fires and forest fires.

The 19 Last October she provided suggestions to strengthen the fight against bush fires and forest fires in the Big Island.. She also proposed “an increase in the budget allocated to fighting forest fires”. This solution should, “strengthen the permanent structure” designed to deal with this problem, love you- It.

The State should not be the only responsibility for this fight, we must help them. Let's all fight against bushfires together.

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