Valentine's day Tuesday 14 February at the Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga

Like every year, the Hotel * Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga organizes a Valentine dinner, with the band Trio Family for animation. Last year was special because for the first time, This musical dinner was dancing on the terrace in romantic dance floor. AND this year, We therefore renew the operation with a musical dinner dance on the terrace by the pool.

For the menu, you have the link and if the're back :

Valentine's day menu :

Cut FIZZ with its mouth House layouts and a red rose for Madam (FIZZ is a Very pink grapefruit Fizz sparkling wine 8% the Castel family … a not-too-sweet treat, well ice …)

Escalope of foie gras seared to the gingerbread and fruits of the season

Cassolette of lobster and Camaron in the small shadows (surprise...) accompaniment of your choice

The way Ferrero chocolate fondant (without alcohol) or how my darling (with alcohol)

All, except Cup FIZZ drinks offered as an aperitif, East to Ar 69 000.- (€ 19.-) per person.

At your reservations on the 034 07 011 34.

Valentine, It is love, Joy, but also humor, and his two jokes are worth points :

This is a guy who asks his wife what would make him happy as a gift to celebrate their Valentine's day.
– What would you say to a fur coat ?
– BOF…
– And if I pay you a Spider Mercedes ?
– Non, non
– What would you say of a second home in the mountains ?
– No thanks…
Then the guy forfeit and asks :
– Good, Come on, tell me what you want directly, be much quicker.
– I would like to get a divorce
– Have ! I had not planned to spend as much…

At the moment she wakes, a woman says to her husband : “Cheri, I just did an amazing dream. I dreamed you were offering me a string of pearls for Valentine. In your opinion, What mean ?”. “You'll know tonight…” replied the husband with a smile. That night, the man comes home from work with a small gift package. His wife, I'm glad, begins to unpack, inside and out, she discovers… a book called ” The interpretation of dreams “….

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga

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