Mahajanga birds Safari : a new edition in November.

You are fascinated by the birds ? Discover the ornithological wealth of one of the largest protected areas in the Northwest of Madagascar, on the occasion of the second edition of the Bird Safari expected in November.

Mahajanga birds Safari : a new edition in November.
Mahajanga birds Safari : a new edition in November by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

The image of the first edition in 2016, Bird safari takes you to the discovery of one of the jewels of the wetlands of Madagascar. It will run from the 03 to the 08 November 2017 in the complex of areas wet Mahavavy-Kinkony, in the Northwest. Her outfit rhymes with conservation, promotion of ornithological wealth and development of Community tourism within the site. For bird lovers, amateur photographers or professional, and the tourists, It is a unique opportunity to marvel in a complex of 300 000 hectares where you can almost see birds of a thousand colors, and many other endemic species.

Unique biodiversity

Located in the village of Ampitsopitsoka to 15 kilometres of Namakia, the Mahavavy-Kinkony wet areas complex (NAP CMK) is managed by the Asity Madagascar, a Madagascar League for the protection of birds. This site is made up of several types of natural habitats, where did its name "Mahavavy-Kinkony complex.". It is the natural refuge of many endemic species terrestrial and aquatic, distributed in the different habitats such as lakes, rivers, Marsh, mangrove and dense dry forests. Among his most iconic species, include the pink flamingos, the Fisher Eagle and the Madagascar sacred ibis. It is a true paradise for the birdwatchers.

For the promotion of tourism activities relating to the protection of biodiversity and the development of local communities surrounding the protected areas. The new area protected of the complex of areas wet Mahavavy Kinkony (NAP CMK) is a real ideal bird sanctuary for the "birding safari".

Accessibility :

Crossing of the Bay of beaches in 45 min (fairy or hull or traditional pirogue) to reach Katsepy. From Katsepy, take the national road T19 (taxi-brousse or rental) until the Mitsinjo District. Of Mitsinjo, two tracks are accessible, one East passing through Makary and other South West through Analalava. There must be 3 hours on average for each route departing from Mitsinjo. Secondary road from May to November,

The "birds of Mahajanga Safari" is a vector attractiveness, a carrier of values 'nature and discovery' strengthening the image and reputation of the NAP CMK including local populations.

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.



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